Step 4: Making the Machine (rotor)

1. Take the rotor form and place it on top of some thing that will allow for the rotor shaft to pass through the 1/2 inch hole. It must also be high enough for the shaft to be centered vertically inside the form. I used a concrete block.
2. After placing the shaft into the form, pour six inches of concrete tapping constantly to remove air bubbles.
3. Center the shaft in the form. Any circular flat item can be used. Drill a 1/2 inch hole in the middle and slide it over the rotor shaft and into the form. It should touch the outer edges of the form. Take measurements from the shaft to the outer edge to make adjustments to ensure that the rotor will spin true.
is't this like<sub> a de-sheller?</sub><br/>
I am curious as to how you constructed the metering plates.. I don't find much on the original site and no mention at all on yours. Thanks for sharing!
I personally don't use one on my sheller. I did round the rotor at the top with cement so the nuts will fall into the sheller. I will be using a hopper and auger setup to feed mine so a metering plate is not needed.

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