Step 5: Assembly

Sorry but I don't have any pictures of the actual assembly.
1. Remove the stator from the form before it has completely dried. Roughen the inner stator by scrubbing it with a wire brush.
2. Remove the rotor from the form and roughen it also.
3. Install the rotor into the stator using the metal hardware described in the Full Belly Project PDFs.
4. Cut the 36 inch angle iron in half and use your angle grinder to cut grooves to fit lower bolts. Secure both sides with washers and nuts.
5. Attach your handle and shell away.

I have shelled both pecans and peanuts with this sheller. It is amazing. Definitely a project worth supporting.

is't this like<sub> a de-sheller?</sub><br/>
I am curious as to how you constructed the metering plates.. I don't find much on the original site and no mention at all on yours. Thanks for sharing!
I personally don't use one on my sheller. I did round the rotor at the top with cement so the nuts will fall into the sheller. I will be using a hopper and auger setup to feed mine so a metering plate is not needed.

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