With the ubiquity of the cell phones and tablets, it seems that everybody carries a camera nowadays. These devices come in all shapes and sizes, so finding a proper mount for them can be difficult.

This Instructable presents a low-cost, universal solution!

Parts list:
  • Sugru
  • 1x 1/4"-20 Nut*
  • 2x Gear Ties (They're like twist-ties on steroids. Available in camping, outdoor, and hardware stores)
  • 1x Tripod (for mounting when we're done)

* This is the standard size - your tripod bolt may vary. If you're not certain, take it to the hardware store and ask them for a matching nut.

[This Instructable was created by members of MakeICT, a makerspace in Wichita, Kansas.]

Step 1: Embed the Nut Into the Sugru

Press and form some Sugru around the nut. The nut is what attaches to the tripod, and the Sugru forms the base of the tripod.

Perform this step on a flat surface so that the Sugru flat and even with the nut. This will ensure that it is flushed with your tripod mount and compatible with different tripod mounting surfaces.

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