Step 4: Assemble!

you can make forms with anything from 8 to 100 or more pieces each. the only drawback seems to be that there is no way to make concave corners, only convex corners are possible.

you can see my examples below, and you can see more at this site: http://www.iqlight.com
that site also sells the parts if you don't want to make them yourself (but i think it is pricey).

Love this, bookmarked it a while ago and finally got round to making one.

I made mine out of printer paper as a table ornament. It stands 16 inches or so tall and I cut my pieces, all 120, on my Silhouette SD. I reckon I could cut thin plastic too.

I'm working on a prototype ball with a special shaped piece to slot on to your ceiling pendant as the perfectionist in me needed it to hang right. My friend wants me to send her some and make a video assembling it, which I might just do.

Thanks so much for sharing!
kwoodham3 years ago
This is absolutely perfect. My current living room light (a beautiful sculptural paper piece I made) has been whacked one too many times and needs replacing. My dining and living rooms are connected, separated only by half a wall, so I could also make smaller versions of the same light for the dining room (a pendant with 5 lights that I've neglected to finish yet - it currently has 3 different prototype shades hanging from it, and two naked bulbs). The design would even work in well with the print on my dining room curtains. Simple and PERFECT.
Sol5013 years ago
i've been to munich a few days ago and i saw a sales booth where they sold exactly the same lamps... but it is boring just to buy that stuff (and expensive ;) )
benhnyc5 years ago
 how do you bring in the ends to meet to make the final shape? help! im having trouble...
Cool Dan I always wondered about what shape was used for that lamp. I think it's especially awesome that you experimented with different assemblies:-)
klang7 years ago
80-100 euros for a box with 30 pieces, pricey. I have a 9-piece and a 20 piece-lamp, I like them.
curiousity8 years ago
thanks dan! it is so beautiful!