Step 5: Other Ideas

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I think the design i've presented is my favorite because it is reconfigurable into lots of shapes, but i thought i'd put some links to other styles which can also be made from sheets of paper or plastic.

the lampshade shown below i spotted hanging from the eaves of a hotel in china. it is made from i think 6 identical pieces (possibly 7 or 8). each piece is a large diamond shape with slots cut in it to allow sliding the pieces together. it looks like each diamond is slid into itself to form one of the central vertical tubes, its free tips are then slid into the other pieces to hold the whole thing together. (i have not actually made one yet, so please comment if you have).

also see:

you can also usually find one or two polygon-inspired lampshade designs at your local designer lighting store, and at Ikea.

robertdanielquinn made it!9 months ago

keep all of the tiles oriented in the same direction when locking them together. this one is made of plastic from milk jugs. use WD-40 to remove the adhesive labels from the milk jugs.

jtp1393 years ago
oooooh! How do you attach it to the light?
kwoodham3 years ago
Here's mine, I used 65lb/95g paper for it; the template I scaled to fit on A4 paper. it's about 18" in diameter (and much more white than in the photo), and I'm really happy with it! Thanks for the tutorial!
Awesome design! How many pieces did you use for that?
omendata4 years ago
I dont often comment but superb - simple , inspirational and looks superb much better than most of the lights I have seen in shops in the UK.

Well done!
jackhg4 years ago
TOOOO COOOL on the red shade,

does the red shade use the same pieces as given in this instructable?

Please let me know, I can see these as gifts for December


Radobot5 years ago
This is very nice instructable! It is very simple system, it inspirates my.
That's very pretty, wearingpink. Can anyone tell me how you actually attach these to the bit that's hanging off the ceiling and has the bulb in it? When you buy a boring lampshade it has that metal bit that you hang it from..
faiseaux6 years ago
Well, I tried to make one, it really dont see like in the picture but is very close to it, I use 6 diamond shapes, actually it was two equilateral triangles, I hope to make this instructable soon but I need to try diferent measures first. Thak you for the inspiration!
yetunguez6 years ago
this is awesome! i've been searching for a way to make a cool and unique lampshade and I found it. I have about 4 or 5 of those ikea lamp sockets that need a shade I'm thinking this could be done 'green' and eco-friendly by cutting up plastic milk jugs or vinegar bottles for the parts...I'll put my results on here when I get around to trying it, lol... Great project, and very simple.
wearingpink7 years ago
I was thinking of trying to make this. Do you have any idea how big it is?
dan (author)  wearingpink7 years ago
it can be any size you want