Introduction: Universal Launcher

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This easy to make universal launcher can shoot just about anything that is thinner than a water bottle cap.
and anything else you can think of

Step 1: Materials

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you will need:
rubber band or glue
latex glove or finger
water bottle
hot glue gun(optional)

Step 2: Putting It Together

First, cut off the top of the water bottle, where you screw in the cap and drink from, or if you're the type, cut anywhere near the bottom for a bigger place to hold or fire from.(note: this will make it harder to reload.)

Step 3: The Glove

Now put it aside, and cut a finger off of the latex glove.

Step 4: Finish It

Put your latex finger on the water bottle part you didn't cut and fasten it with the rubber band, and if you want, hot glue it.

Step 5: Personalizing It

You are finished with the launcher but you can use a hot glue gun and add parts to make it better, but for now, you've got yourself a launcher!

Step 6: Safety

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Don't shoot at peoples eyes!!!


boomboy123 (author)2011-05-29

use a condom

mowie (author)2008-07-12

i shot it a my brothers tempel and now he cant see out of his eye

rodeo10093 (author)mowie2010-02-16

 where u in he ok

rocksalt2342 (author)mowie2008-07-14

what the..! what did you shoot him with? ...or are you lying?

staibbro1 (author)2008-06-26

OK but how do I shoot it off.

DaNerd11 (author)staibbro12008-07-07

I think that you push the object into the the bottle, stretching the latex, and then release......

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