I made this mobile charger using 4mm MDF board. I already sealed and I was not able to disassemble and show you. I am going to explain how i did this...

Step 1: Materials and Tools Needed

4mm MDF board

12v 2amp transformer

4*5402 diodes


4700 mfd 25v capacitor

spdt Switch

car USB charger

wood glue

wood nails (if needed)

Heat transfer paper

Iron box

Laser printer..

Step 2: The Design

This is the actual size what I made....(in inches)

Step 3: Circuit..

Step 4: Lettering

I made this lettering in paint shop pro and flipped it horizontal. Print the image on heat transfer paper i.e., flipped. Using Iron box transfer it to the MDF.

Note: Keep the iron box temperature to medium heat , if not you may burn MDF.

Step 5: Last Step

Make the border as you wish so that it looks good...


<p>thank you</p>
Thank you
<p>This is a nice little charging station. </p>
Thank you

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