Welcome to this awesome instructable where we're going to make a simulation from the beginning of the universe on your simple laptop. The program we use is Adobe After Effects, and you easilly can download the free version of it. 
We're using Cosmic Background Microwave Radiation (CMBR). This is a picture from the universe how it was in the beginning. Here's a link to it.
I also want to say I'm Dutch, so mabe my English is not that good. So sorry for that.

Step 1: Start

Okay, lets start and open Adobe After Effects. 

First drag the CMBR into the project, and create a new project. Give it the size 500 x 500, and a white color. You can also change the duration of the video, but keep in mind that 30 seconds of video take about 1,5 hours of rendering. 
Now drag the CMBR data into the new project, and pre-compose it by clicking the image and do ctrl-shift-c.

Now add color level effect on the image, and change the picture so it's more darker. 

Make a new white solid layer and name it particles. In the next step we're going to show you how to add the particles.
How do you mean 'constellation'? The sim is of galaxies (that's how you spell it, by the way :D) being formed, not constellations. A constellation is a pattern from a singular perspective. Not that. Do you mean 'galaxy' instead of 'constellation', or something else?
Oh i'm sorry! I'm Dutch so sorry for that.

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