Step 9: Wire It up

The final step is to wire everything up.

The pictures for this section can sum it up much better than I can, so I’m going to leave it at that.

If you aren’t sure which large speaker wire to attach your little ones to, just plug it in, touch the wires together, and if it works, mark those wires. If it doesn’t, Mark the other wire.

I solder all the wire connections together, just follow the same steps as step 4 for wire soldering.
To put it back together, you follow the same directions as taking it apart, except backwards J
Now we can add the 9dB antenna, and this little puppy is primed and ready for some serious overclocking!
Again, this was my first Instructable so please be nice!
I really enjoyed working on this, and I’m glad I can finally give something back to the community.
You guys are awesome J
pgentry4 years ago
Wow I live in Montana and I see your router on my list of network connections I think you just set the new record. I think I am going to set one of these up for every one who lives in my neighborhood I hope none of the kids grow extra didgets hay its says 2.4 right here on the side of the unit officer.
papaduck5 years ago
Flux corrosive??????? Flux for metalwork and plumbing is but we're doing electronics not plumbing. Go to Radio Shack or even a good hardware store and get some rosin core solder made for electronics work; it's ugly if you don't clean the excess off but it won't rot your board.
it will attack the Wire and/or the solder join , ( i dont remember ).
dtcmcc5 years ago
Awesome! Great job explaining & illustrating. Now, if I only knew how to solder, I might try this. This project might get me to learn! I enjoyed reading this. Simply awesome.
Blackice5045 years ago

Hi i love the this brand as well i have a asus switch and a single port WAP54G access point my question is i have Some really Big External Antennea for Standard SMA Connectors but like your Linksys i have those TNC connectors but the compaired to the normal once you can get from the shop such as a convertor from TNC to SMA it does not fit because its like Linksys changed the TNC connect by putting the Male inner on the Female Connector and Vise versa so my question is Where do you get Convertor Connectors from or should i just replace some High Freq BNC connectors or SMA connectors?

psic5 years ago
 Hi, I'm just wondering how much you overclocked this router in the DD-WRT software?
iamthejae5 years ago
 i like the work you have done, great job!
i have one of these routers as well but only have a customizable version of tomato linux running. i would love to have expandable options, but dont think i would be upto doing this myself.

how much are you thinking of selilng the modded routers for? and what if i were to give you my WR54Gts in exchange?
azega5 years ago
So, if you didn't use the ebay antennas, what antennas DID you use? Do you know if they actually perform better than the stock antennas?

With the addition of fans and boosting the transmit power, you're putting a lot of load on the built in power supply. Have you thought about bypassing it with a better supply? This might also fix the issues you were having with stability.
10pound5 years ago
Wow dude, for that being your first instruct able, you grand slammed it!  Funny, informative, detailed and best practices all around.  Well done.  Ive been modding these WR54Gts for sometime now and I couldn't take issue with anything you did.  Ive been experimenting with using only the innards of them and making my own cases from lexan and such.  Now I am thinking of making my own instructable along the same lines. Cheers.