Picture of Unleavened bread
When you mention bread -  it is Germany.There are different types of bread available here..Some times it is very difficult to decide as what bread to buy.Very few people make bread at home because variety of bread is available in the market.And it is quite cheap too.
Here I am showing the famous turkish bread called- unleavened bread.In german it is called Fladenbrot.And this is not Ciabetta.
This bread is not baked in a loaf.It is always baked in an oval shape on a flat tray.It is easy to make and taste very good too.
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Step 1: Ingridents

Picture of Ingridents
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For the yeast dough

125 gr Yogurt
100 ml milk
225 gr Plain flour
150gr Wholemael flour
1 1/2 Level tea sp baking powder
1/2 Level tea sp salt
1/2 Level tea sp sugar
1/2 Pkt dried yeast
25 gr soft butter
1 Egg

For Coating and topping

1-2 Tble sp butter
Sesame seed
Coriander seeds
Poppy seeds (not available)
Cumin seeds

Step 2:

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For the dough  warm the milk with yogurt.Stir well for the jogurt to dissolve.

Step 3:

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Put both kinds of flour in a mixing bowl with the baking powder,yeast,salt,and sugar and stir carefully.Add the other ingredients to the dough and the warm milk-yogurt mixture.

Step 4:

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Stir with a hand mixer kneading hook.First briefly on the lowest setting,then on the highest setting for about 5-7 minutes to form a smooth dough.Roll it in to a ball,cover the dough with a soft wet cloth  and put in a warm place to rise until it has visibly increased  in volume.I left it near the heater for an hour.
luminelx644 months ago
Wrong label.
shazni2 years ago
Congratulations on your win!
abdaaq2 years ago
looks delicious...definitely must try...
uziham2 years ago
looks very delicious!
zerfall2 years ago
Nice recipe, the bread sound delicious but it's actually a leaven bread since the baking powder causes it to rise. (maybe the yogourt too to some extent)
786Ayesha (author)  zerfall2 years ago
Thank you for viewing my recipe.yes you are corect,there is yeast also included.
shazni2 years ago
I always wonder...what is wholemeal flour? is it rice flour, or corn flour, wheat flour (American flour as is known in Sri-lanka)
786Ayesha (author)  shazni2 years ago
No it is not rice flour .American flour is the plain flour (all purpose flour) it is wheat flour
This sounds like a great bread recipe :D Thanks for sharing it!
786Ayesha (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
Thank you.Yes it is.