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Introduction: Unlock a Bike Lock

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This is a quick way to unlock a numbered bike lock in case you forget your code. Being a forgetful person, I use this method quite a bit. It's quick and easy to do. In the video I used my dad's bike lock that I don't know the code for. Seriously, don't use this to steal bikes! Also, if you like this and it works for you please give me a good rating and a vote when the voting starts.



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    video did not load tried several times

    I found out as a teenager that with a pocket screwdriver or knife and lots of light you spread the numbers apart and see where the notches are. also it took me thirty minutes to put in every possible combination of numbers. I kept going after I found the combo so I'd know. practiced on an old bike lock I replaced with a heavy kryptonite lock.

    is there another video

    Can you add pics to it? YouTube isn't avalible where I am at…

    So 6141 is your code; what was your home address again?... ;]

    YES!!!! I can finally unlock the bike lock that I stuck under the seat of my bike and it got stuck there for years 'cause I forgot the combo.

    A bit more light on the subject in question would be a (great) help.............

    worked like a stinkin champ on a sweet cannondale goodwill special! :)

    It does work, but it's difficult to explain the technique. Another thing is, when you get each code correct, it will allow it to pull apart a very time bit, and if you shine a light between the dials, you will most often see a tiny notch indicating it is lined up. Not always the case, but often is the case. I had a job in the past that required me to open locks, including these type, and suitcase locks that worked the same way. Never failed me.

    :( Sorry. Now that's 2 people it hasn't worked for. It looks like it doesn't work as well on newer locks.

    Did not work on mine either!

    another thing u could do is pull the lock, with slight tesion then twist the numbers, when u hear a click u know u got the right number!

    Good video, now I can get the ones in my garage open.

    I hope no one i know watched this video,...
    I voted, thanks...

    2 replies

    Haha thanks for the vote. Sorry I didn't respond very quickly, but my internet's been down.

    That OK, sorry I responded very quickly, 'cause i haven't been on instructables for a while..

    Voted! This could be handy........................ *Why can't I favourite this?

    Great job! I love this! And yep, I sure did vote for you! Good luck. -elizabeth

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    Thanks for the vote! Sorry it took so long to respond, but my internet's been a little bit sketchy.