So simple and fast
Unlock all your System Preferences
This i found on a google search, not my idea

Step 1: What to Do

Check you System Preferences (SP from not on), usually locked at school or work, make sure that yours are locked, if not then your done.

Do a Spot light search for "system preferences"
Drag and drop (copy) SP to your desktop or where ever you want it from the Spotlight search
I tried this already!
now that's what you call some decidedly lax security on OSX!!! <br><br>Sweet little move that, I just can't believe that actually floats! <br><br>Myself, if somebody admins a mac I'm using, I'd just pop in a system disk USB stick, and then give myself full admin access, know what I'm saying. Or just have my own boot drive with my own stuff on it. Hell, I'll just bring my own laptop.
&nbsp;dude u are a life saver!!!! the school blocked pretty much everything so......yeah...
Actually i tried and it worked perfectly! <br /> Thank you for helping me hack my computer!<br />
Sorry, tried this, OSX now has added security, can't copy it. Nice try though. Cheers, Geekazoid

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