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Unlock the Windows CE environment on a V7 Navigation 1000 GPS device.

The V7 1000 is a great, low cost ($300 CAN), and portable GPS. Out of the box, the major features include a MyGuide navigation system, an MP3 Player and a Movie Player (supports DivX).

There are, however, a few quirks with the device. For example: the Time Zone settings do not seem to stick and the "M" button is not very useful. It was searching for a solution to these issues that lead me into my V7 hacking adventure.

Warning: Modifying your V7 1000 in the manner described within this instructable may void your warranty and could permanently damage your device.

Step 1: Overview

The V7 comes with an AC power Adapter, a car power adapter, a suction cup vehicle mount, a CD with manuals and various data files, and a 1GB SD card (loaded with software and maps).

Other than access to a PC and to a SD Card reader, no additional hardware is required. In addition, the modifications presented here do not require any hardware modification. There is already a pretty good tutorial for adding a USB port to the device available here.

This instructable will cover the following steps:

Accessing Windows Explorer
Fixing the M button "bug"
Speeding up "Fly Over" mode
Accessing the Operating System

Much of the information presented here is not my own work. It is a result of collecting info from various sources across the internet, most of which is targeted at similar devices from other manufacturers. The techniques have been adapted to the specific environment of the V7 1000 device and to my personal preferences. The GPSpassion forum is a great resource for more information.

Step 2: Accessing Windows Explorer - Part 1

Picture of Accessing Windows Explorer - Part 1
To access Windows Explorer, you will need to edit the addons.txt file, which is located in the root of the SD card that comes with the V7. Just load the SD card on your PC and use your favourite text editing software. The original content of the file is:

[modules]Games = "icons/games.bmp", "", 0Navigate = "",  "\\Flash Disk\\myguide\\myguide.exe"[Games]Solitaire= "",  "\\Storage Card\\games\\solitaire\\solitaire.exe"Flux= "",  "\\Storage Card\\games\\flux\\flux.exe"Asia = "",  "\\Storage Card\\games\\asia\\asia.exe"Arvale = "",  "\\Storage Card\\games\\arvale\\arvale.exe"

Add the line
Explorer = "",  "\\"
to the end of the file (below the "Arvale" line). Insert the SD card in the V7 and enter the Games menu. You should now see a button labeled "Explorer". Clicking the button will load Explorer on your Windows CE device.

Step 3: Accessing Windows Explorer - Part 2

Picture of Accessing Windows Explorer - Part 2
Having access to Explorer through the Games menu is good, but not necessarily the most convenient - it is only accessible if the SD card is inserted. To make access to Explorer a little bit more permanent, we need to add it to the on-board flash.

Before editing files in the "Flash Disk" directory, I recommend copying the entire contents of the folder to the SD card. Next, transfer the "Flash Disk" contents from the SD card to your PC.

Find the IGOPATH.TXT file. This file contains the configuration information for the main menu and multimedia menu; it is formatted much the same way as the addons.txt file, the contents are:
[pre_init]LangSyncOn = "\\flash disk\\langsync.exe"[pre_quit]LangSyncOff = "\\flash disk\\langsync.exe"[modules]Settings = "icons/settings.bmp",  "settings", 1Multimedia = "icons/media.bmp",  "Multimedia", 0[Multimedia]Picture= "",  "\\Flash DIsk\\XImage\\XImage.exe"Movie= "",  "\\Flash DIsk\\XMovie\\XMovie.exe"Music= "",  "\\Flash DIsk\\XMp3\\XMp3.exe"

Again, just add the line
Explorer= "",  "\\"
to the end of the file. Copy the modified file back to the SD card and save it to the "Flash Disk" folder on the V7 device (overwrite the original). The explorer menu option will now appear in the Multimedia menu. You can now restore addons.txt to its original form.

Step 4: Fixing the M Button "bug"

Picture of Fixing the M Button "bug"
We can get the "M" button to act as one might expect (return to main menu) in the MyGuide software by editing another file from the "Flash Disk" folder.

I assume that you have already copied the contents of Flash Disk to your PC. Find the "\Flash Disk\MyGuide\" directory. Extract the file (the one in the "MyGuide" subdirectory, not from the root of the Flash Disk). Find the file "config\keybind.txt".

Open keybind.txt and locate the
section. Add the line

The section should look like this:


Overwrite the original keybind.txt file from the and copy the updated zip archive to the SD card. Insert the SD card in the V7. Using Explorer, copy the file from the SD card and navigate to "\Flash Disk\MyGuide\". Paste the file into this directory to overwrite the original file.

Be sure to copy it to the correct location, do not overwrite the file in "\Flash Disk\".

The "M" button will now return the MyGuide software to the main menu, when pressed.

Step 5: Speeding Up the "Fly Over" Mode

When a route has been calculated, the MyGuide software will allow you to preview the route in a Fly Over mode. This is very convenient, but can be painfully slow.

Speeding up the fly over is as simple as editing another text file found on the Flash Disk. On your PC, find SYS.TXT in the "Flash Disk\MyGuide" folder.

In the [debug] section of the file, change the line
The debug section should now look like:


Save your changes and transfer SYS.TXT back to the \Flash Disk\MyGuide" folder on the V7. Flyover mode will now run much quicker.

Step 6: Accessing the Operating System - Part 1

Picture of Accessing the Operating System - Part 1
The next step to hacking the V7 Navigation 1000 is to fully access the Windows CE operating system. The easiest way to do this is to use a tool from "gpsgator" entitled C310Auto. The tool is designed to unlock the Mio C310 on boot.

C310Auto.exe is a script interpreter that will make the necessary registry changes to the mobile device and load utilities and applications to RAM. The script file is called "C310Auto.c31". I have modified the script to include the following lines:

#Let C310Auto know where your regedit program is located.ExtRegEdit "\Storage Card\Programs\Utils\RegEdit.exe"#Copies the program TaskBar.exe to the \Windows directory.#This program simply unhides and enables the taskbar.Copy "\Storage Card\Unlock\Windows\TaskBar.exe" \Windows#Change the desktop backgroundCopy "\Storage Card\Unlock\Windows\windowsce.bmp" \Windows#Change the registry so that the taskbar loadsRegEdit "\Storage Card\Unlock\Registry\TaskBar.reg"#Copies additional dlls which may be needed for other programs to runCopy "\Storage Card\Unlock\Windows\*.dll" \Windows#Here you can create your shortcuts to the desktop (max 12 fit on screen)DeskTop   CECmd     "\Storage Card2\Programs\Utils\cecmd.exe"DeskTop   Restart   "\Storage Card2\Programs\Utils\Restart.exe"DeskTop   Taskbar   "\Storage Card2\Unlock\Windows\taskbar.exe"DeskTop   MyGuide   "\Flash Disk\myguide\myguide.exe"DeskTop   XMP3      "\Flash Disk\XMP3\XMP3.exe"DeskTop   XMovie    "\Flash Disk\XMovie\XMovie.exe"#Here you can create your shortcuts to the favoritesFavorites RegEdit "\Storage Card2\Programs\Utils\RegEdit.exe"Favorites Restart "\Storage Card2\Programs\Utils\Restart.exe"Favorites TaskMgr "\Storage Card2\Programs\Utils\ITaskMgr.exe"Favorites ResInfo "\Storage Card2\Programs\Utils\Resinfo.exe"Favorites MyGuide "\Flash Disk\myguide\myguide.exe"#Here you can create your shortcuts to the programsPrograms  GVNotePad  "\Storage Card2\Programs\Apps\GVNotePad.exe"Programs AcroRd32    "\Storage Card2\Programs\Apps\Acrobat 2.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe"Programs DocViewer   "\Storage Card2\Programs\Apps\FileViewers\docviewer.exe"Programs PresViewer  "\Storage Card2\Programs\Apps\FileViewers\presviewer.exe"Programs Xls         "\Storage Card2\Programs\Apps\FileViewers\xls.exe"Programs CECmd       "\Storage Card2\Programs\Utils\cecmd.exe"Programs AlarmClock  "\Storage Card2\Programs\Utils\AlarmClock.exe"Programs KBD         "\Storage Card2\Programs\Utils\jotkbd.exe"Programs MioTool     "\Storage Card2\Programs\Utils\Miotool.exe"Programs PSC         "\Storage Card2\Programs\Utils\psc.exe"Programs ResInfo     "\Storage Card2\Programs\Utils\Resinfo.exe"Programs MyGuide     "\Flash Disk\myguide\myguide.exe"Programs ITaskMgr    "\Storage Card2\Programs\Utils\ITaskMgr.exe"Programs RegEdit     "\Storage Card2\Programs\Utils\RegEdit.exe"#Turn OFF the taskbar to AutoHideRegEdit "\Storage Card\Unlock\Registry\Shell.reg"#Set the Language and Timezone registry entries (English and Eastern Timezone)RegEdit "\Storage Card\Unlock\Registry\Time.reg"#Restart the MioRestart

Paths to the Storage Card folder have been changed from the original script to "Storage Card2" for the locations of files when the OS restarts. It seems that when the V7 reboots, it does not unmount the original SD card folder and mounts the SD card again to the folder "Storage Card2".

Note: For some reason, the *.reg files do not always take affect when Windows CE restarts. You can always import them manually with "Regedit.exe".

Step 7: Accessing the Operating System - Part 2

Picture of Accessing the Operating System - Part 2

Use Windows Explorer to navigate to "\Storage Card\" and run C310Auto.exe. The Windows CE operating system will reboot and shortcuts will be copied to the desktop and other areas in RAM. The normal V7 application will launch.

Use Explorer again to find and execute "\Storage Card2\Programs\Utils\ITaskMgr.exe". Terminate the process "realigolaunch.exe".

You will now be presented with a Windows CE desktop. Tap the "Taskbar" icon to unhide/hide the start button. Explore and have fun.

It would seem that renaming c310auto.exe to realigolaunch.exe and replacing the original "realigolaunce.exe" in the "\Flash Disk" would cause the Windows OS to be immediately accessible on boot. However, I have opted for a more manual method, I don't always want or need full access to the OS. Usual Warning: Replacing "realigolaunch.exe" on your device could potentially render your V7 unusable - do so at your own risk, I have not tested this.

There are more options for hacking the V7... You can change the MyGuide skin by replacing the bmp files in "MYGUIDE.ZIP", found in the "\Flash Disk\MyGuide\SKIN" folder.

Please share your V7 modding experiences. What other changes have you been able to make? What useful applications could you get to run?

P.S. I have attached a ZIP archive of the c310auto tool, applications, and script. Play around with it and see what else you can get your V7 Navigation 1000 to do.


The nerdling (author)2012-05-12

did this wth my navman f10, but windows ce has a huge chunk taken out of it because it only needs to run 1 app.
anyone know how to get the rest of the operating system?

scott1202 (author)2010-06-30

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mkanik (author)2010-02-25

does anyone has the complete addons.txt file? i've deleted my sd card by mistake and cannot restore it from backup img file. can you pls send it to my email

Chris001976 (author)2009-04-17

HI. I've sent the GPS to get the upgraded maps. Hat first it worked well. But after some times. I realized that the maps they've install on it. where not has accurate has the original. Tried to install the older version but i get an unsupported maps message. They say they've change some hardware in it but I doubt it. Can you send Your original FlashDisk,

Bl00dyfool (author)2008-02-27

Hi Felllows, Recently bough used V7 Navigation 1000 but later noticed there was no card or any map(s) loaded in the device. Please help me how to resolve this issue, where I can get software etc. Thanks Ron

tannertat (author)Bl00dyfool2009-04-12

I can burn you an iso copy of the software CD that came with my 1000 but I need a favour in return - I need the flash folder files that are located in the unit. You can copy the folder onto any 2 or 4 MB SD Card and then zip it and e-mail it to me - once we've established that you can boot your system after you get the iso disk from me. Let me know.

tannertat (author)2009-04-12

I followed the instructions for most of the fixes but came to a wall in the MyGuide folder as the zip file and probably a couple of others isn't there. I have a V7 1000 and it was 'taken' from my vehicle and when I got it back it wouldn't work. Now it works some but I can't access the navigation panel - doesn't show at all. Where can I go to obtain the flash so I can reload it?

evanwehrer (author)2009-04-10

I wonder if this thing has a serial port, you could possibly add bluetooth

mosiak (author)2009-03-12

Hi, I have a question to you.. I would like to unlock my GPS (the same that you describe on this post - My Guide V7 Navigation 1000 GPS) but I`ve got very problems... I was formated all "Flash Disk" !! unfortunatelly and i dont create a copy before... Now I cant load any gps programs... ;/ I need copy the entire contents of the folder "Flash Disk". Please help me

MOOSE189 (author)2009-01-07

I purchased a v7 1000 in August 07. I love the unit. I sent it in in February of 08 and received an upgrade. Recently my battery went bad and I sent it to MygGuide in Santa Clara for a replacement battery. They sent me a new unit that has not been upgraded so my SD card doesn't work. I am getting no help from them at all. When I turn the unit on to navigate I get a message that some of the map files are locked and it won't let me do anything else. Dose anyone know how to fix this problem?

wcrov (author)2007-10-31

Great Job!!! I tried to load my Brazil.fbl (iGo) map into maps folder, but myguide says the map is locked... anyone knows how to unlock this map and make it work? Thanks a lot!

andremrezende (author)wcrov2008-07-18

Hello, I´m trying to find a Brazil.fbl to download, Could you share this file with me? Thanks a lot.

Damian7 (author)andremrezende2008-10-04

Try to download "Igo" from a torrent web site, they have tons of maps, including Brazil. You will have to download a software to your computer to download torrents first, then look for Igo on "" you'll get many options, it will take a while to download the whole thing but once it is done look for the "maps" folder and you'll see it.

singleparin (author)2008-09-28

me too, i dont understand step 6, can anyone help us in plain english? my skill level for programming is i guess lower than a beginner's. thanks

raywilkies (author)2008-06-15

i have a myguide 3000 and want to play films etc i have got the explorer but keep gettin an error, i also want to change the user language to english , any help please??

djsabourin (author)2008-03-31

I got to the part, to speed up the fly over bug, and after i pasted the data into the myguide folder, the system shut down. I turned the system back on, and got an error message. The message reads as this. FortunaODMKeyDoor1119 Exeption occured Callstack dumped to \crash.txt if i click ok, it just goes to the myguide background image, and does nothing else. the thing is useless now!!! Anything I can do???

jmills616 (author)2008-03-08

It looks like after unlocking I might be able to install Igo/MioMap? for example? I really want to add the "text to speech" TTS functionality. Otherwise I'm going to sell it and get a MIO230 with TTS. Any suggestions?

jmills616 (author)2008-03-08

I just picked up a v7 NAV700. Will this hack work on it? The v7 site has shut down access to updating. Will any of the other GPS maps work? I've found very little mention of the NAV700 anywhere. I guess it's to new or not very popular.

Andruha1123 (author)2008-03-08

hello, i own NavTour NT-147 that runs Win CE .NET 4.2 Core. Does anyone know any hacks or tricks, or anything to make it better. I would like to have access to files on device, can any one help me, please!

wetwilly2002 (author)2007-12-29

OK this is a serious problem the first error I get is cannot find langsync and when i x out i get NNGlauncher [Exception occured Callstack dumped to \crash.txt and from there it freezes up. Help Please

huff (author)2007-12-27

I dont understand this step 6. Can someone help me out.

Mikey_Likes_It (author)2007-12-25

Great hacks, well explained, nice pics and layout...better explained than the manual that came with the unit! FYI, the MyGuide Navigator 6.1 upgrade is now available and has some nice improvements over the older version. Cheers

taznjazz (author)2007-09-22

I prefer:

Games = "icons/games.bmp", "", 0
Navigate = "", "\\Flash Disk\\myguide\\myguide.exe"
Explorer = "", "\\"

Solitaire= "", "\\Storage Card\\games\\solitaire\\solitaire.exe"
Flux= "", "\\Storage Card\\games\\flux\\flux.exe"
Asia = "", "\\Storage Card\\games\\asia\\asia.exe"
Arvale = "", "\\Storage Card\\games\\arvale\\arvale.exe"

This puts the explorer link on the main screen.

EdenCrest (author)taznjazz2007-12-01

That format doesn't work on the NAV730.

kronx112 (author)2007-11-25

i try this when i click on explorer and it say: "A system shell must be present to support executing folders paths or shell extensions." this is on device Nav730

EdenCrest (author)kronx1122007-11-29

V7 Navigation = "icons/V7.bmp", "\\Storage Card\\iGO\\iGOpna.exe"
Explorer= "icons/files.bmp", "\\Windows\\Explorer.exe"

It worked for me. Good luck. Let me know what good things you fine.

kronx112 (author)EdenCrest2007-11-30

hey it works! it load to wince when you did for the 1st time on startup but when you close it and try to go to wince again it won't load wince but load up the explorer. so then I close the explorer but it send me back to the menu screen. then i did a hard boot then it works on 1st run=wince, 2nd=explorer until hard boot. But for me i don't care.........I'm glad it's hack, now i can play my wince games. thanks EdenCrest/dadefatsax (you guys are the BEST!!!!!) i wonder how you know the directory and files in the device? you guys Amazing!!!!

damasta (author)2007-11-16

also, does it work with myguide 3300? on yours it's 3000 if i'm right

damasta (author)2007-11-16

can you install windows programs on it? ms word or openoffice could be useful

pigus (author)2007-11-12

I could use some help. in my stupidity, I erased the flash from my "myguide" and have no idea how to fix it. how can I re-install the system? grateful for any reply.

wcrov (author)pigus2007-11-13

Try the one at the link

There's an upgraded version on

I hope that give a "CPR" to your gadget...

Mystakill (author)2007-11-05

Anybody have any information on hacking the V7 NAV740? It's a bit different from the 1000, but it's still running Windows CE.

ohno (author)2007-10-15

anyone manged to install another gps software on this thing? i've tried tomtom an navigon but haven't quite managed to get the settings right yet. any help?

wcrov (author)ohno2007-10-31

Very good question ohno!!! Please someome give us some help!!!

Alan G (author)2007-09-29

Hi all Can anybody tell me where i can get the sofrware from my dog got hold of my SD card and it won't work and i can't copy it on to a new card. Any help. Regard's Alan.

effigy3 (author)2007-06-13

I was playing around in the SD card files and I note that the voice files contained in the .zip for each language are .ogg files. I'm going to see if I can create a custom voice/language option using Audacity to edit the .ogg files. Has anyone tried this yet?

captainronni (author)effigy32007-08-31

did it work?

philpw99 (author)2007-02-19
Something extra for the device:
I have the complete command list of IGO below:

I map the M key to FOLLOW_OR_ANNOUNCE, so when I press it, it will tell me the route instruction again.

Also I change the IGOPATH.txt to
[modules]Settings = “icons\settings.bmp”, “settings”, 1Multimedia= “icons\media.bmp”, “Multimedia”, 0Explorer = “icons\files.bmp”, “\\Windows\\Explorer.exe”…..Now explorer will always available in the front, with or without SD.3.More, to change the voice you like, take a look in “Flash Disk\”. Under “ui\settings” there is a lang.ini file. You can edit it to fit your wayFor example, I use English US as the language but I will like to use the UK female voice as the guidance. So I edit that lang.ini….[languages]lang = “english US”, “ui\settings\flag_usa.bmp”, “English (US)”, “english_m1_us”I change it tolang = “english US”, “ui\settings\flag_usa.bmp”, “English (US)”, “english_f1_uk”Now I can enjoy the voice more while still using the US english as the language. Even though I don’t know what’s the difference between US and GB English.
captainronni (author)philpw992007-08-24

do you know what is the largest SD card the unit will accept?.. and does anyone have the new map update?....I just read that the update is by exchange of the original 1g sd card, and sending in the unit along with $100.00 to be exchanged for a 2g SD.....any clues?... thanks RS

hayanami (author)2007-02-20

help :( ........ for some reason MyGuide stop working. the error message is Filed to open file: ctype.dat exiting application.

hayanami (author)hayanami2007-02-20

ok I figure out the problem.... it is the version of win rar. damn I think i need the original I should have back up MyGuide ....

scoolro (author)hayanami2007-06-11

did you manage to repair the problem. i backed up my files then toyed with the MYGUIDE 3000 and got the ctype.dat file problem. i copied back the file to the sd card and still have problems. steven

tom61 (author)2007-06-10

You should be able to use software distributed in .cab format. Copy the software's .cab to the SD card using a PC, then browse to it with Explorer. Double tap and the file will disappear, and the application is then installed to RAM.

kwong365 (author)2007-05-18

please help I follow the instruction to step 3 and I go to navigate , but fail, just loading with but did not work, please help or is it my file cannot run. please help, my

gl (author)2007-05-10

Is there any application can be install in this unit from SD card? Thanks

keyz (author)2007-05-08

my v7 does not keep new history in its memory just some old ones. I have deleted them but when I reboot they show up again.Anyone have a fix for this?

sarf (author)2007-03-21

If you got your V7 stuck at reboot without any icon you can restore it but using a backup and put your backup into a SD card and rename the application you want as autorun.exe and reboot the device... this as work for me :D

xoloux (author)sarf2007-04-20

Can any1 please explain please to me how u down the reboot, because i think i have messed mine up! not sure what i have to do to make autorun.exe file work for me... my error message is as follows.... FortunaODMKeyDoor1119 Exception occured Callstack dumped to \crash.txt Only thing available is to click on ok.. just freezes after that. Thanks

gl (author)2007-04-18

Hi Friends, Since we can make V7 as one PDA, do you know where we can download some application from web to play in the V7. Like ebook reader, games?

ezrock (author)2007-03-28

Good job! I just followed the instructions and did 3 things. 1)show the Explorer 2)Fixed the "M" button 3)Fix the "Fly Over". Now it works perfect! Thanks for the hard work! Note: I used winRar to unzip the and copied it back to V7, it gave me error saying couldn't find file Then I installed winZip and the error was gone.

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