I created a beautiful wire bangle by coiling wires and shaping them into flowers, buds and leaves and called this "Unlock the Secret Garden." Want to know why? Here's a short tut how I did it!

Step 1:

Fist, I bent a wire and wrapped by coiling wires.

Step 2:

Then at the end I attached a bead.

Step 3:

I created a flower by coiling and wrapping the bead.

Step 4:

I then created the bangle band by wrapping the wire and measure it on my wrist.

Step 5:

I then created little buds by adding a bead and coiling it like I did on Step 3.

Step 6:

I also created a leaf and added more buds and another leaf.

Step 7:

And then I created the last leaf.

Step 8:

This is the final piece. Now, have you figured out what the secret is? I hope you did :D

If you want the full tutorial with detailed steps you'll be able to find it at DiyLessons.org or visit my blog, Handmade Jewelry Club.com
This is really beautiful

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