Catastropha Knex Ball Machine Update




Introduction: Catastropha Knex Ball Machine Update

Hi everyone,
This is a upedate of the ball machine I'm making, coz it'll take a while till I'm finished, coz I ran out of Pieces. I used a lot of lifts yet, 1 is new and two others I invented before. I n total there are so far 8 Lifts. The new lift is an invertad chainsaw lift where the ball touches the ground.
It has bislong 4 1/2 paths and 2 mini paths.
I hope you'll like it!



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Thanks! By the way, how is you're ball machine going?

FINISH IT ON JANUARY THE FIFTH! IT will be a good birthday present. :-)

Maybe...... I will have a christmas present also (it is a new element and it is going to be in my ball machine)

Try to finish something on July 20th, if youre working on anything that takes 7 months.. :-P

cool how old will you be? Im turning 13...

I'll probably finish my projects by then... :-P