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Introduction: Unnamed K'nex Gun

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This is a small gun I made in MLCad. It started off as a Desert Eagle but the trigger messed it up, so then I gave up on the Desert Eagle idea and added a pin guide and other parts. I'ts my first post for 8 months so its not the best.
Also if you have a name for it please port in a comment, all ideas welcome.
Also the handle was made mostly by knex_builder_freak with me adding a few bits.
Trigger based on I_ am_canadian's assault pistols.

Pros and cons;


Angled Handle
Looks Ok
Has Mag
Fires Blue Rods
Internal Mag Pusher
True Trigger
Blocks Quite Far Back
Pin Guide
Takes A Lot Of Bands
Low Piece Count


Low Range (Per Elastic Band)
Low Mag Capacity (3-4 Max)
Not Realistic
Weak Body

Comment, Rate and Subscribe. ;)
PS: Tags on third picture.



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    How did you make the picture?

    this is a Desert Eagle, but i don't know what model type of the Desert eagle it is,
    can you post it??

    Its alright. The handles nice though.

    You sure because you have NOT made this before im sure some guns are made for innovationg or power not looks

    I find the new trigger design promising, however the rest of the gun could use a little work.

    Thanks, but the same kind of triggers where on I_am_canadian's assault pistols.

    Yes, but not on a TAS weapon.

    Whats a TAS weapon? Sorry.

    Tube And Stick, essentially a row of connectors on a rod, the ram travels through the holes on the connectors, most beginner weapons are TAS weapons.

    Oh, this is made up on layers.

    What about the back end (where the receiver would be on a normal handgun.)

    Thats just to bulk it up. The handle was 6 layers thick and the barrel and the mag where all 3 layers so I put it there to make the back end thicker.