Unnamed Knex Pistol





Introduction: Unnamed Knex Pistol

Hey guys! It's been a while so I decided to post something so here it is my new pistol! I haven't named it yet so If you have any suggestion for names tell me. So here are some specs

> it's only a model but you can mod it to shoot.

>looks really cool!

> didn't model it after anything so it's original! ( tell me if I have used anyone else's ideas in here)

Also, I'll be entering this in the toy rods and connectors contest so don't forget to vote

Step 1: The Whole Gun

I'm showing you one side so don't forget to double the frame and do it on the other side.
.And don't forget to add rubber bands to the frame to hold it together



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    COuld you make more detailed instructions

    I don't get it how do you mirror it?

    Are you asking about the frame? If so, then all you do is just build the frame twice.

    yes, if you mod it.

    Looks like a Five-seveN

    Looks like a TT-41 from World ar War.

    Looks like a Sig-Sauer P6! Nice work.