Unnamed K'nex Rollercoaster





Introduction: Unnamed K'nex Rollercoaster

Hello there.
For the Rods and Connectors Contest, I've made this (yet unnamed) rollercoaster. I noticed there are quite a few guns entered, at least one ball machine, but no rollercoasters.
I wanted to do something original, and because it's my birthday today, I made this.
It's my first RC I've made in, what's been, more than a year. I'm pretty happy with the result, even though it's a bit simple. 
It has a lift hill, a "big" drop, a hill, a curved drop and a last curve, before returning to the lift hill.
The height is about 50 centimeters (rough estimate), the room it takes is three red rods wide, ten red rods long and tree red rods high. 
The station is unfinished, because I couldn't find any more yellow rods to complete the walls and roofs.

I hope you like this little coaster, and tell me what you think.




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    I'm using the iPod so it doesn't have a reply button. I wish it did though!

    Ah, okay. My iPod does show it though, as this is typed on it ;)

    Don't worry :)
    Also, there is a reply button, it'll look a bit more organized if you use that :)

    This seems very similar to the alternate model of the serpent spiral coaster...

    13, 6:07 PM.jpg13, 6:07 PM.jpg

    Yeah, now that you say it, it is similar in a way. Though, I didn't try to copy it, just something to try out making a small-ish rollercoaster. If it looks like the alternative model, than it was not intentional, but you're right, yes

    Happy birthday, Honey Cakes! :D
    This is a very nice, but simple, coaster. Good job, and I voted. >:C