Unorthodox airsoft tactics to help you win the war

Picture of Unorthodox airsoft tactics to help you win the war
This instructable is all about finding ways to win the war. Ways nobody would expect. As such, improvisation is a must. This guide will give you suggestions on unorthodox ways to give you advantages, but will also get you thinking on how you could improvise your own playing style to win. I will tell you now that this is not recommended for backyard airsoft players. Some of these certainly could be used for backyard playing, but it's mostly for hardcore players. That said, have some fun reading this. I'm going to invite Jakee117 to help out, so subscribe to both of us if you enjoyed this instructable.
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Step 1: The supported buddy position.

Picture of The supported buddy position.
This is one that's popular among snipers when there's a lack of support for them to shoot from, but I'm going to teach you how to adapt it for field use.

How it works: You will have two people. Out of the two, the one with the smaller gun will get in front and crouch. The person behind them will also crouch, resting the gun barrel on his buddy's shoulder for extra support. Ideally, the person should have the longer, heavier gun.

Sniper/spotter adaptation: The spotter usually has a smaller gun with a higher rate of fire. He will crouch down, with his gun at the ready. The sniper will then rest his gun on the spotter's back. Because of the difference in the guns, the sniper will take his time to get anybody at a set distance (depending on the quality of the guns, it would be, say, 125 or more feet away.) Using this example, the spotter would use his automatic/semi automatic weapon to take out anybody who got within 100 feet. The spotter is more likely to be hit because he's right up front. For optimal support for both people, the spotter will be supported by a low wall or other defence, and the sniper will rest on his back. This is good for a defensive position, when the sniper and spotter have been discovered.

Ambush or undiscovered position: You will have hopefully found a good place to hide. If not, you have to work fast. It doesn't matter who uses their buddy for support, but it should be the person with the longer gun. In this case, both people will communicate. You will both pick out one target, and shoot at the same time. If you're in a hidden or defended place, you both should be able to take out two targets or more before they've discovered your location, which is very effective for two people.

Capture the flag: When playing capture the flag, you can use this position. When you find the flag, you should automatically fall into this or some other defensive position. After you've looked around and found no enemies, the person in front (having the lighter gun) should run up and grab the flag. If necessary for a faster grab, the person running can leave their gun with their buddy, but this makes it harder for the buddy if they need to run.

Well, those are basic adaptations of the supported buddy position. However, this entire instructable should teach you how to improvise, and it includes things such as this.

It should look a little bit like the picture, but the spotter might have a gun.
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Ravirar1 year ago


Ravirar1 year ago

I thot its an airsoft battle not a war

Oh man!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to get my butt kicked this weekend! I'm playing on my friend's property which he knows inside and out. He also has 30 or so air-soft guns! I have one 250fps single shot air-soft rifle!!!!!!! My only counterstrike is about two smoke grenades, some firecrackers, and a stink bomb! Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What do I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If your in a group use an ambush or if your alone just find an thicket of shrubs and wait till he passes and hit him in the rear.
oniman7 (author)  skullzluver984 years ago
Lost the firecrackers and stink bomb. They won't help. If he has a big property, go guerilla on him. Be sneaky until you find him, and then sneak close with your gun ready to fire. Fire when you're sure you can hit, and don't stop shooting until he's out.
agreed...I use this tactic...being sneaky makes up for my cheap gun...
ok, so first you'll need about 9000 BBs, two hundred different areas to hide, 2 sidearms, 50 bucks and some sort of way to take over the battlefield. Any questions- wait, this was posted a year ago!
First of all,I no that u posted a really long time ago,so don't make any cracks.

Now for the advice.RELAX!!!!!!!!you'll never win like that.2nd,nobody can know a big-enough playing field well enough that he(or she)knows every hiding spot unless he's lived there for a really really long time.if there're trees,then climb them before the game to get a feel for it.also,be very quiet.sneakiness is the key.

Thats all,just follow that and your good
Buy a ghillie suit if possible. If not go all guerilla like oniman said.
once i pointed up in the sky and yelled sniper when i was cornered and i killed my capteres with a mac 11 when they looked away (NNNNNNOOOOOOOOBBBBBBBBBBSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Nice! I will have to try that one xD
u really only get 1 use cuz then they kno u r lying
yea, but I want to do it a lot then one time when I scream it, there is actually a sniper behind them :P
and you could alternate instances so that the other team doesnt know whether theres a sniper or not behind them.
Or you could drop a 'nade and yell 'FRAG OUT!'
 ahhh nice idea the ol boy who cried wolf scenario nice
Your right about this. I went paintballing and destroyed 6 people while my freind and i were using this tactic. i like your style.
how would the sniper even see the dudes hat is blocking the scope
An Villain5 years ago
looks like his binoculars are backwards.
No kidding
Yes, and also that rifle barrel on your shoulder (with a standard rifle) is a good way to lose an eardrum.
oniman7 (author)  An Villain5 years ago
lol. That they are.
oniman7 (author)  An Villain5 years ago
I wonder what he could possibly be looking at. Maybe he's got pictures inside the lenses.
its a FLASH KILL stupid! it hides the len´s reflection still letting you see through
oniman7 (author)  predatory meatball4 years ago
This has been covered. Thanks for your contribution. By which I mean, thanks for nothing.
Kolf35 oniman74 years ago
Lola (and no I didn't misspell lol)
it's a viewfinder!
Might want to check the above comment from Yeahbutdoesitwork.
i commented before he did, so i was not wrong, i was simply mistaken.
oniman7 (author)  An Villain5 years ago
lol "I wasn't wrong, I was simply mistaken".
oniman7 (author)  An Villain5 years ago
They're the same thing.
oniman7 (author)  An Villain5 years ago
I just thought it was funny.
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