It's a old catholic tradition to put up a nativity scene for Christmas to reminds us of the origin of the feast. The tradition is dying in the Netherlands. Big Santa is gaining interest with generous decorations, gifts, big trees, and too much to eat. The message of Scrooge gets lost in all Santa movies.  May be its time to revive that tradition in a new way. So, whenever you get confused around Christmas time about the good of the world, and the goods of the world,
It's time to start decorating with the remains of those goods, and shape them into a symbol of good.

It seems most unlikely to build a nativity scene from empty plastic detergent bottles, and may be the result is not your idea of Christmas decoration. But to me it's fun. To achieve an almost impossible goal and design new shapes from waste. I'm sure some of the figurines leave a little smile on your face.

Start collecting bottles now, and next year just have a go. I used 12 bottles, a pair of scissors, some tie-wraps and a glue gun. It's easy, costs nothing and may be even the kids will join in

Step 1: Collecting Material

Be sure to have a collection of different bottles. Well rinsed and cleaned. Labels wont get unstuck under water, so don't bother to try. Instead heat the label with a hairdryer, and then gently peal off. Most bottles come out pretty clean.
I used some other stuff too. Caps of other detergent bottles. Some strange shaped from cloth detergent or shampoo. Balls I got out of the top of deodorant sticks. A plastic branch I found in a packet of dates. (Would they really sell better if a plastic branch is added?).
I used:
9 balls
3 green all purpose household detergent bottles with handle
2 yellow liquid abrasive bottles
2 yellow natural liquid soap bottles with handle
2 white clothing detergent bottles. One for the house, the other only the handle for sheepheads
1 green toilet clean "bent" bottle
1 white toilet clean bottle with swan neck
1 little pharmaceutical bottle (eye drops)
9 different caps from other bottles
<p>Super duper creative! I love both the original plastic colours as well as the metallic version.</p>
nice job! just put a little more color
<p>A bit late, but I listened to you! and added step 14</p>
Yes, You're right. I used to have purple and red bottles, but when I started this I had only yellow, green and white. And painting on this kind of plastic is tricky. Best result I had ( after sanding) was acrylic paint on a layer of acrylic structure paste. It stays vulnerable.
<p>this is so great!</p>
Creative Recycling! Love it.
Amazingly creative and beautiful. We really enjoyed looking at your work.
Beautiful work ! Simply elegant !!
Wow. i would have no patience to be able to do this
And for me it's the way to relax....
Wow, how creative!
Wow is modular, you can change positions and details when you desire. <br>Reuse, save money and get creative!!! <br> <br>Creative and wonderful!
This is beautiful and obviously took a lot of planning and creativity. You're so awesome!!!
This is very creative... Nice job!

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