Introduction: Unpredictable Choc Bites!

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  If you want to surprise your family and friends and be at once lazy, please take attention and put your shoulder to the wheel (for about 30 minutes).

Get started!

Step 1: Ingredients

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  • baking chocolate
  • bananas
  • dried fruits on your taste (apples,peaches, pears, apricots, prunes, etc.)
  • morello cherries (I used frozen ones)
  • baked nuts (hazelnut, walnut, almond, etc.)
  • corn flakes
  • coconut sprinkles
  • fruit paste

Step 2: Directions

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Melt the chocolate well in water bath.

Step 3:

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Chop the banana and fruit paste on thin Cristmas stars (just kidding - as you wish).

Step 4:

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Fill the dried apricots/prunes with nuts!

Step 5: Dipping All in the Sea of Chocolate

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Pay attention if the fruits are frozen (or cool) to dip them one by one, due to the fact that the substance may become thick.
Put them on foil and let them cool (on the balcony, if it is a real winter).
  •     Morello cheries here are first!

Step 6:

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  • Dried fruits

Step 7:

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  • Corn flakes

Step 8:

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  • and everyting  else left!
Powder with coconut sprinkles, if you'd like.

Step 9: Final Advices

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  • Bon apetit!
  • Feel the love in the air!
  • Happy New year!

Step 10:

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I am waiting for your comments.


kukubee (author)2013-01-01

That's lovely! Seems yummy-yummy :)

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