Unreal Tournament Nail Art





Introduction: Unreal Tournament Nail Art

As an Unreal Tournament (99) fan I wanted to make a nail art design for the game! So I figured the U logo would be nice on top of my nails, along with some blood splatters between them from killing opponents ;). (Come on girls, show those boys we also play these kind of games! ^^ )

Step 1: Materials

- Kitchen paper
- Base coat
- Clear top coat
- Silver nail polish
- Red nail polish
- Black nail polish
- Nail Polish remover

If you don't have the special tips on your nail polish, you can use a couple of toothpicks to make the details

Step 2: Applying the Nail Polish

-Put your hand on the paper towel, so the underground is protected.

-Apply a layer of base coat like you normally would.
This is as a protection for your nails as some nail polish can leave stains in your nails.
It will also keep the nail polish longer on your nails and fills up your nails.

-Apply 2 layers of silver as background.

-Draw the U logo with black nail polish.
Make dots if your hands are shaky.

-Make blood splatters with red nail polish on the other fingers in between

-Let it dry

-Apply top coat (2x)

-Let it dry and clean up some nail polish that went on your fingers with nail polish remover.

Step 3: Finished!

Enjoy your Unreal nails! 



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    Love the very idea! My XBox Live tag is "Shoots like a girl," and it's really fun to remind the world that women play these games too!

    Gotta love UT! Should put my server back online... Too many projects. My girls would love UT fingernails :)