Since my niece introduced me to this site,I have been addicted to this wonderful site.Believe me or not I have neglected all my other work and focusing only on Instructables.I am glad that my hubby gives me a lot of support in my projects,and also helps me with other work at home so that I have time to do my instructables.
Every new projects that is open,I want to try some thing, and even in my sleep I dream of what I am going to do next.

Recently we upgraded our living room with new carpets and curtains,and these blue chairs were looking  really awful.We have been hunting for new chairs and found some beautiful leather chairs which is costing way beyond my limit.
I was thinking of selling them,but I guess
no one is going to buy these chairs  because of the colour and the small patches in some of the chairs.Or I have to sell it for a peanut price.
Just at the correct time fix and improve contest was out. Wow !! I was taken up with this and  decided to re cushion and put it out for sale....
Choosing the material was a bit difficult. It has to be  100% cotton, economical  and my hubby should also like it..
I have time only on weekends,So we rushed to Ikea on Saturday and was happy to find some thing that we both liked.Sunday I started off with my new instructable  for fix and improve contest.

My target was to finish it on the same day,if not it will prolong until next weekend.Yes! I managed to do it on the same day with the help of my hubby.Thanks to him...
I always like to publish with lots of pictures ,so that every one can understand looking at the pictures alone.

Step 1: Requirements

Material of your choice - 2Meters 30 cm
Thread to match
Top pins
Tape (in case you need)
Sewing machine (not included in the Picture)
Screw driver (forgot to include)
Loads  of staple pins
Pliers (not included in the picture)
i would've painted the wood white and the table too to freshen it up!
<p>Oh! thats a cool idea,but the other furnitures in the living room are brown.So it won't match.Thank you for viewing it.</p>
Nice upgrade. Well done!
superb !!
<br> thanking for posting, its giving me lots ideas to do my furntures, <br> very neatly done
I'm about to be doing the same thing! But repainting the chairs too. How fun!
Looking forward to see your chairs.
good work......................
Lovely job and a great idea.
I'm so glad to know that you have got addicted to this site haha...i'm not alone in the family then :-) keep up the good work and now encourage your friends to become new authors....and make sure they mention you...that way you can win a t-shirt or apron ...check out the details here <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Rewards-for-New-Authors/
Thanks for the Reward site.I was not aware of it.I have introduced this site to so many friends of mine.They are thrilled over this site.
nice print
That looks supper easy the way you do it..Thanks for the ible. :-)

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