Multi Terrain Penny Skateboard Cruiser





Introduction: Multi Terrain Penny Skateboard Cruiser

Sweet little ride I recently finished - a heavily modified Penny Board that rides over multiple terrain types - works great with my landpaddle.

Big and small wheels give a smooth ride but do not get stuck or jam when going up pretty high curbs - twin axles make for a smoooooth ride and help to step over uneven ground..

Step 1: Be Flexible - Not!

A polycarbonate stiffener underneath makes for a more responsive turn with the twin trucks and stops too much flex in the board - a foot rest extension makes for a comfortable ride position, plus aids the turning

Step 2: Cool Junk

Know it is a little hard to see but there is a collar between the truck and the twin axle metal - this is the center from some old bearings that came with a board and where shot to hell - they make great spacers though so don't throw away ya bits n bobs.



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    wow you can descent down stairs? i like the sound of that!!

    This little jobber would not quite manage stairs but the original Stair runner ( think that is what it was called ) could - there are even some vids on YouTube.

    Oh, i just googled it, stair rover, looks so badass!! I am not very familiar with board and skate, i cant even ride a bike, i envy you guys!!

    have you tried land paddling??

    practice and patience - :-)

    very interesting wish there were more steps

    Hi - cheers for the look in - I was gonna put in more steps but as some of the parts are shop bought and just bolt on I thought it might be a bit boring and the polycarb strut and foot plate really just use the existing bolt holes.

    Great to hear from ya - cheers.

    I too would appreciate more steps, too. This is instructables, afterall.

    Hi cheers for the look in.

    Well, where I live the terrain goes from smooooth tarmac to broken slabs, block paving with gravel thrown in just to keep ya on your toes - not to mention some hard packed earth with grass.

    The twin truck axles are shop bought from Ebay, they are great for going up and down high curbs - there are even vids on Youtube of folks skating down stairs.

    A combination of big front wheel and a smaller back means, the thin 100mm throws gravel away from the wider rear wheel - also these are great for going up and down the higher drop curbs - - the smaller but wider back wheels have a gravel/rain gutter cut into them, this helps stop small stones from jamming the ride.

    The whole setup gives a smooth ride over many surfaces and allow the rider to enjoy being out n about without constantly looking for trouble.

    Bottom line - apart from the strengthener and footplate the rest is shop bought and bolt on - no steps really required.

    Always good to hear from folks - cheers for the look in.