Step 5: Rinse Time!

Wipe off any excess tooth paste from the shoe with a clean, wet area of your wash cloth. Don't forget to wipe away any dirt left behind! Remember to dry off your shoe after, because you don't want to slip.
Smart. I also use toothpaste to clean silver and gold. Works great!
Thanks :)
Please vote for me in the Bathroom Challenge! I appreciate all of everyone's support, and good luck to all entries! :)
I dont know if you mentioned it you need to use toothpaste not the gel kind
Oh, I forgot. :) Thank you, I added it in.
Oh my heavens! No wonder I get pearly whites when brushing my teeth!!
Haha :)
GRR! I dislike you. I did this during the summer and I was gonna do it for the contest too! Now I'm sad..
I'm sorry to hear that
It's like a brand new shoe! A minty fresh pair of kicks.
:) It's easy too!

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