Unusual Uses for Coffee Ground





Introduction: Unusual Uses for Coffee Ground

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Everybody makes coffee in the morning
At the end you get coffee grounds
Use these simple tricks for making coffee worth it

Step 1: Brighten Your Pans

Place a few spoons of coffee grounds on a rag and scrape away caked-on dirt
Make sure not to scrap ceramic

Step 2: Remove Smell

Garlic is a great component to your dishes
After chopping garlic or onions, grab a handful of coffee ground and rub in your hands
Afterwards wash away

Step 3: Unclog Drain

Pour coffee grounds down a clogged drain
Ad 3 drops of dish soap and pot of boiling water
This wil clean and clear drain

Step 4: Fresh Fridge

Put coffee ground in a bowl
Put the bowl of coffee ground in the freezer or refrigerator to remove funky orders

Step 5: Remove Scratches

Mix together oil and coffee grounds
Rub the paste into the scratch
Polish area with soft rag
The scratch should be invisible



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    When I used to run into those things, we would put coffee grounds into a frying pan and heat it on the stove to mask the smell of a dead body in a house or apartment. Gross, but it does work. Probably would work for other evil smells as well

    chuck them in the compost heap helps make great compost, and will probably help to keep slugs away too.

    Yes coffee also supposed to keep away slugs eating your garden veggies. Haven't tried as yet....since i use instant coffee;)

    I remember starbucks were giving away used coffee grinds to use as fertilizer in your garden

    I tried it with onion smelling hands. only made my hands smell like coffee grounds and onions.
    I suppose, but doesn't really work.

    It's odd. But it works. If you do it with boiling water

    Why would it clear a clogged drain? I always learned NOT to pour grounds in the drain, because they'd clog it. I'm confused.

    If you've got really dirty hands, mix coffee grounds with soap and scrup. Hands get really soft and clean.

    Oh and i voted;)

    Cool! Thanks I will have to try this!