Everyone has sugar in their cupboard which is used for baking

Step 1: Bad Breath

Forgot to use mouthwash?
To treat bad breath, suck on a teaspoon of sugar

Step 2: Exfoliate Lips

Mix one part sugar,one part olive oil, and one rant vanilla extract to make a paste
Gently apply to lips and scrub
Wipe off paste or lick off

Step 3: Cuts

To kill bacteria, sprinkle the wound with sugar before bandaging

Step 4: Hands

To clean, add a bit of sugar to your soap
This makes a abrasive hand cleaner

Step 5: Garden

To kill parasites,
Add sugar to soil
<p>Put sugar on your tongue if you ever get burnt on your tongue, It works really well!</p>
It actually works, kode
we need the evidence bro. why does it 'cure' bad breath? how does it kill bacteria? osmosis?
<p style="color: black;">If you've got bad breath, it's bacteriae and they really love sugar, more than you an me (we don't start multiplying when we get sugar - at least not every time ;))</p><p style="color: black;">Same thing with wounds - don't feed the monsters intentionally!</p>
Very neat!! Thank you very much and I voted
After the parasites are gone, what do you do about all the ants?
Kill bacteria and parasites with sugar?? Where did you learn that?
Thanks! :)

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