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Introduction: Unusual Uses for Common Household Items

There are so many household items that can work overtime in your house, and you may not even realise it. Toothpaste and lemon? They can help you clean. Old coffee grounds? They can help to remove the odours from your fridge. So, before you toss some of these items or banish them to the miscellaneous drawer, learn how they can be helpful in numerous other ways!

Step 1: Lemons

You can use lemons to keep fruit like apples or pears from browning, but they can also be used to sanitize a chopping block and even soothe sore throats.

Step 2: Newspapers

Have some tomatoes that aren't ready to eat quite yet? Wrapping tomatoes in newspapercan help them ripen faster.

Step 3: Rubber Band

If you're going back and forth between outside and inside your house, you can tie a rubber band around the door knob to prevent the lock from closing. You can also use rubber bands to keep dresses from falling off of hangers in your closet.

Step 4: Olive Oil

You can use olive oil to help stainless steel shine and even remove eye makeup!

Step 5: Coffee Cans

Reuse coffee cans as containers for little items in the garage or the kids' rooms

Step 6: Eyeglass Cases

Use extra eyeglass cases to store jewellery when packing. These also work great for storing little earbuds that can otherwise get tangled if stored loose in a drawer.

Step 7: Dryer Sheet

If you're dealing with smelly sneakers, stick dryer sheets inside your shoes to freshen them up. Dryer sheets are also great to clean up pet hair from the floor or furniture.

Step 8: Socks

Instead of buying Bubble Wrap for a move, use old socks, t-shirts or towels to pad breakable items.

Step 9: Straws

Use old straws to help firm up the soft stemsof flowers like daffodils and tulips by inserting the stems inside the straw. You can reuse the straws a few times for this.

Step 10: Ground Coffee

Use coffee grounds as fertiliser on flowers like azaleas and rhododendrons. Coffee grounds can also help to get rid of fridge odours. Just store the grounds in an old margarine container with holes poked in it.

Step 11: Rubber Gloves

Wet rubber gloves and rub them against upholstery to remove cat hair. Rubber gloves are also ideal to help give you a better grip when opening a stubborn jar.

Step 12: Shower Cap

Packing tip: Use the shower caps from hotel bathrooms to wrap up the dirty bottoms of shoes so that they won't mess up the rest of your clothes in the suitcase.

Step 13: Mustard and Soy Sauce Packets

Freeze mini mustard and soy sauce packets to use as tiny ice packs!

Step 14: Sticky Notes

Before throwing out used sticky notes, run the paper between the keys of your laptop computer. This will help to remove crumbs and dirt from between the keys.

Step 15: Toothpaste

In addition to helping eliminate blemishes, toothpaste can help to remove garlic or fish odors from your hands, and even clean the chrome on your faucets.

Step 16:

Keep exploring and thinking about your surroundings. You'll also find many unusual uses for various common things and when you do please share it with me.

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