Unusual Uses for Ordinary Things


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Your house is full of hidden treasures and everyday items with the potential to be so much more. In this collection of 24 Instructables, you will learn unusual ways to use everyday items such as tennis balls, cheap vodka, nail polish, tea bags, coffee grounds, and medicated chest rub. From using the cheap vodka as a window cleaner to chucking a couple tennis balls into the dryer to fluff up your towels, we’ve got the advice to help you save money, save time, and make the most of what you’ve got. Let us help you use your stuff. Unusually.

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Unusual uses for coconut oil style
Coconut oil is crazy useful. You can use it on yourself, your pets and around your home! Plus it tastes delicious, so there's that too.
10 Unusual Uses for Tennis Balls style
Tennis balls are ubiquitous and inexpensive. They're great for tennis... for a little while. Then they lose that carefree, Tigger-like bounciness and become dog toys.* But what if you don't have a dog...
15 Unusual Uses for Cheap Vodka style
Contrary to popular belief, cheap vodka is not only for boozehounds and college freshmen. There are many legitimate ways to use vodka that go beyond mere consumption: cleaning, baking, deodorizing, an...
10 Unusual Uses for Butter style
Not only can you smear butter on your food, but it has some great uses around your home. This just goes to show that butter goes well with everything. So grab that stick, and let's go make Paula Deen...
13 Unusual Uses for a Hair Dryer style
OHHHH the unusual things you can do with your house hold gadgets!!!  I've thoroughly research all the strange weird uses for your blow dryer. Yes that's correct: BLOW DRYER.  Fitting your glasses to y...
Thirty Unusual Uses for Aluminum Foil style
I love aluminum foil. It's recyclable, it's shiny, and it is super versatile. It can be used to clean, catch, protect, frighten, scrub, lift, soften, shape, grow, fix, sharpen, steam, attach, boost, a...
9 Unusual Uses for Aspirin style
It's 6:30 AM and you feel a tightness in your chest. Antacids don't help. Your jaw is tightly set and your arm feels numb. Heart attack? Or is it an unreasonable response to a new zit? Either way, asp...
11 Unusual Uses for Baby Oil style
Have you heard that joke about baby oil? The one that goes something like: If corn oil is made with corn and peanut oil is made with peanuts, then what is baby oil made with? The answer: Baby oil is...
8 Unusual Uses for Barf Bags style
Worshiping at the porcelain altar. Shouting groceries. Shouting for Hugh. Calling Ralph on the big white telephone. Barf. Blow. Blow chunks. Hurl. Hork. Regurgitate. Lose lunch. Toilet tango. Spew. Pu...
6 Unusual Uses for Eggs style
You know something's good when it's sold in packages of 12. Eggs are incredibly versatile, and so this is my ode to those slimy insides that make breakfast worth waking up for. (and get ready for som...
9 Unusual Uses for Toothpaste style
Toothpaste. It keeps your teeth from rotting and falling out of your face. It makes you eligible for kisses you otherwise wouldn't qualify for. And it ensures that you drink your morning orange juice ...
How Medicated Chest Rub Will Save Your Relationship style
Let's face it, there has been some tension lately. Every relationship goes through its ups and downs, but let's take the passive route this time, and avoid one of those "we need to talk" confrontation...
9 Surprising Uses For Mustard (that don't involve a sandwich) style
Oh mustard, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...there's yellow, spicy, honey, dijon, horseradish, whole grain...muscle relaxant?! Yes, just when you thought your favorite condiment couldn't g...
10 unusual uses for moustaches style
Moustaches (mustaches sp.) are wonderful things, they can be groomed, grown wild or printed to novelty-size and applied in suspicious places. Many famous men (and some women) from history have owed th...
11 unusual uses for coffee style
Every coffee drinker knows the feeling they get when they have their morning ritual of a hot strong cup of coffee. Mmmmmm, just saying the word makes me smell it in the air; coffee. As a longtime coff...
25 Unique Uses for Pantyhose style
The life span of your average pantyhose is, what, 2 months? I have actually had some pantyhose for years, but thats because I only wear them a couple times a year.  So lets say you get 5 good uses out...
10 Uses for Your Old Toothbrush style
Here are some handy ways to re-use your old toothbrush.  You may think this small little brush is only good for cleaning your teeth, but here are 10 ways you can keep the toothbrush cycle going includ...
5 Vinegar Mysteries Solved! style
Vinegar (Acetic acid) is a sour liquid found in many homes. It has also been touted for centuries as a wonder drug, and ultimate cleaning product.  But does it actually work? We will test 5 common vi...
6 under-appreciated things about Petroleum Jelly style
Every house has a jar of good ol' Petroleum Jelly. Yet this jelly is very under appreciated for all of it's great uses. Here are a few of the most interesting!
5 Great Lemon Tricks style
Usually used for making lemonade, lemons have many uses besides food. With a bag of lemons around the house, you can some up with some cool projects! Here are 5 of the most interesting i found, if yo...
The Mayo Clinic - 9 Unusual Uses for Mayonnaise style
Mayonnaise, besides being a delicious French sauce from the ‘naise family, has a number of uses beyond the kitchen. If you’re caught without emollients or Goo-Gone but have access to mayonnaise in ind...
5 ways tea could help you survive a zombie outbreak style
Shotgun..Check Machete...Check Armoured Personnel Carrier...Check 20 bags of tea...What? When people think of "Zombie Outbreak" they never think to bring along some tea bags, yet tea can come in ver...
6 ways Baking Soda can help you get a date style
Baking soda has a bunch of uses around the house. Some of you may be asking yourself "Hey Instructables, I need to get a date. How can i do this by just using baking soda?" Here are 6 quick tips to ...
8 Incredible Eye Makeup Remover Hacks style
Here are 8 easy to make home made hacks for removing your eye makeup! You can find all of these ingredients lying around your house and in your local health food store. I have tried each of these on ...
10 Unusual Uses for Nail Polish style
If you're anything like me you have bottles of nail polish building up in your desk drawer from years ago.  What you might not know is there are plenty of ways to put that nail polish to use besides j...