Unusual Uses for Vinegar





Introduction: Unusual Uses for Vinegar

Vinegar can have some unusual uses that can be used in your home for spring cleaning or just regular cleaning in your home.

Step 1: Air Refresher

Take a glass bowl and fill it with vinegar and set it in the room you want refreshed.  This works for odors even as harsh as tabaco.

Step 2: Fabric Softener

Yes, it's true, it can be used as a fabric softener.  It's perfect for removing soap residue, making the clothes naturally soft, and balancing the pH which extends the life of the clothes.  The smell of vinegar doesn't stay and makes the fabrics smell fresh.

Add about 1/2 a cup to 1 full cup of vinegar during the rinse cycle of your wash.

Step 3: Ant Infestation

Vinegar can be used to get rid of a an ant problem.  Take a spray bottle with vinegar and spray on any known ant trails in your home.

Step 4: Stain Remover

Vinegar can be used to remove stains from clothes by gently rubbing the vinegar into the stain and then washing as normal.

Step 5: Glass Cleaner

Fill a spray bottle with vinegar and grab a newspaper.  Spray the window and wipe off with the newspaper.

Leaves the glass shiny, less cloudy, and streak free.

Step 6: Bathroom Cleaner

Vinegar is very good at cutting through soap scum, mildew, and grime from the bathtub and shower.  Take some vinegar and wipe the surface that needs to be cleaned and rinse off with water.

Step 7: Final Words

There are many more uses for vinegar, these are just some of my favourites.  Vinegar is almost the only cleaner a  person would ever need in their home.  Enjoy these tips as much as I have.  Happy spring!

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    Use Vinegar to shine hair in shower; shampoo hair, rinse - pour cup full of vinegar over head - then condition with conditioner - rinse - done - the vinegar removes all traces of the shampoo so conditioner works better I have waist length hair and i usually do this every 2nd shampoo - also works as a astringent at the same time ! ... also I use Coconut Oil very sparingly as a pre wash conditioner - I buy organic coconut oil from grocery store for around USD$5 lasts 4ever. Also a great skin conditioner for dry cracked skin.

    Also, use vinegar to clean your microwave - a bowl half vinegar half water - microwave on high for about 5mins steam coats inside the m'wave, just sponge clean - also deodorises m'wave - I buy 1ltre of white vinegar at grocery store for about $1.20 - also can be used to wash floors - vinegar + warm water well wrung will clean tile, wood floors... Also, to wash veges before cooking or eating - rinse in cold water and vinegar...does not affect taste of food.

    To get rid of mould in the shower, put some vinegar in a spray bottle, spray liberally, and leave until you next have a shower.

    If your clothes smell after being washed, due to bacteria not being killed off in low temp washing machines, soak your clothes in a bucket of water with a cup of vinegar.

    Vinegar also is the best thing I've found to remove hard water stains from your surfaces. We're on a well and we have HUGE calcium issues. I'd tried everything I could buy and nothing worked. Then I saw somewhere that vinegar would work and you know what? It did. I'll never buy another expensive chemical for that purpose again.

    Also you can make perfect pickles in the jar.

    If I have the beginning of a sore throat, with mildly swollen glands, I take a small 'shot' of APPLE cider vinegar. I don't sip or drink, just down the hatch fast. It has a 'burn' like a shot of whiskey, but within the hour - the sore throat is nearly gone. I know if this doesn't do the trick (maybe one more shot 4-6 hours later) it is time for the doc! This is just MY experience, not giving medical advice at all. JUST my experience.

    Also - if your battery terminals are hairy with corrosion, sprinkle them liberally with baking soda, then 'drizzle' white vinegar on them - the foamy combination disolves the corrosion like majic. You can use a small paintbrush to mush it around - then just use a bit more vinegar to clean it all off. I once went to the grocery store and came out to find my car would not start. I went back into the store, bought the two ingredients, applied them like this and the engine roared to life.

    Another use for vinegar. A small cup with vinegar in a corner inside your fridge will clean odours and mixing savours.

    Another one thats not very known is an old Newfoundland remedy: If and when you get sunburned, lightly coat the sunburn with some vinegar!

    The vinegar helps reduce the stinging and tenderness of the burn!

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    i keep it in a spray (mist) bottle for when we get sunburned. the 1st time or 2, my kids had a fit about the smell, which only lasts about 5 minutes. then, they got where they would ask for it!!!! and would even tell their friends about it and bragged on how good it worked. this was when they were only about 6-7 yrs old.

    That's a good one too!

    Personally I use vinegar + bleach to clean the toilet brush. I put a solution of the two liquids in the jar and where is the brush and the work is made.

    Vinegar + salt is very useful for cooper objects. With the "cream" you made, you can clean them and very well. I must say that I use this "cream" to clean the tap, better than only vinegar in some cases.

    Vinegar is also good as a weed killer that wont poison your pets.

    Wow, I did not know there were so many uses for Vinegar. I usually just use it for chip flavoring and for removing smoke smells but I didn't know it could be used for stain remover.

    However, I think this would be more effective if you could actually take pictures of how the vinegar is used, pics of how much is needed, etc. It's a little hard to gauge from the current ones.