This isn't really an instructable, but it's pretty handy. A sticky lint roller makes an excellent thin wire, fishing line, ribbon or even thread wrangler for when you're working with pieces or disassembling or unraveling something.

A "stick" type would be simpler but I don't have one so I use this. It's just a handy little "trick".

Step 1: Handle Type

I like this handle because I can just roll it across a clean surface, like a paint roller, while holding the wire and it rolls right up onto the sticky paper. And you wouldn't have to buy a roller - you could make something similar, exactly the way it would work best for you.

<p>Nice life hack.</p>
<p>Thanks! The little squares that you tear off of the lint roller are also handy for holding small parts to keep them from getting lost or rolling off the table.</p>

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