Introduction: Unwrapping a Gift!

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Step 1: Outline

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Taking a white eyeliner I sketched out the paper.

Step 2: Blue Paper

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I filled in my paper with blue body paint then went over it with a shimmer blue eye shadow.

Step 3: Rips

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For the ripped pulled back paper I used a metallic blue body paint to randomly fill in.

Step 4: Snowflackes

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For the snowflakes I used white liquid eyeliner and a metallic silver body paint. I stuck with only 3 to 4 different snowflake shapes.

Step 5: Shadows

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Using a black matte eye shadow I went to town shadowing around the holes and paper and... pretty much everything.

Step 6: Lips

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I put on red lipstick.

Step 7: Eyes.

Picture of Eyes.

I used a gold shimmer on my lid, then I used a silver liquid eyeliner, and then I put on mascara.

Step 8: Highlight

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I used white liquid eyeliner to add shine and highlight on the paper.

Step 9: Body

Picture of Body

I used the white liner to sketch out the bow.

Step 10: Paper

Picture of Paper

Fill in the paper with the same blue body paint and shimmer blue shadow.

Step 11: Bow

Picture of Bow

I filled in the bow with red body paint then started the shadows with some matte black eye shadow.

Step 12: The End

Picture of The End

I filled in the snowflakes, added the rips in the paper, and used the matte shadow for shadows again. Shadowing is very important in this look.


parisusa (author)2016-10-27

As usual, your instructables and results don't disappoint! Keep 'em coming!

MuddyGiraffe (author)2016-01-22

Nice gift you are

MsMaoMaoz (author)MuddyGiraffe2016-01-22


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