This radio was designed for a University project. We were to chose a target market and then design the radio to suit that market. I chose to design my radio for people living in Indian slums so they can get important medical information. 

Step 1: Exploded View

This is an exploded drawing of the radio and all its parts. With a list of the materials used.
<p>im trying to do this and i have the tuner soldered to the exact same spots they where on the board and now i can't tune. Help?</p>
very nice design, but an electrical problem, you cannot put long wires on the tuning circuit if it is a variable capacitor. It could work, but not in fm, as it wil be very sensitive to hand capacitance. If varicaps are used with a potentiometer, it will be fine, best regards, sorry for my english.
Aesthetically it's an interesting design. If I had a radio with a beat up case, I would use the guts to put inside this enclosure. But I don't see why you would want to make a bunch of these to ship to your target market. You could just send the original radio. <br> <br>Now, get the hand crank mechanism perfected and that's another story. Good luck with that.
This is aesthetically really cool. I would definitely buy/make one of these. However, I'm not certain of its usefulness to people in a place such as Indian slums. It seems like a very durable, waterproof, and easy to repair would be more suited to the environment/customer-base you're going after.
Great designer's radio ! The only thing I'd like to comment is that in order to eliminate the flobby apearance of the fabric it could be backed with glued cardboard or thin fiberwood.
nice one!!
i like this
Good idea about the shape of the radio to reduce waste and it leads to an really interesting design.

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