Up-Cycle Plastic Bottle to Planter





Introduction: Up-Cycle Plastic Bottle to Planter

This is an easy way to up-cycle a plastic bottle. With very little effort and time we can easily create a simple planter with a drainage reservoir.

Step 1: Get Hold of an Empty Plastic Bottle

Any size should work. Rinse bottle to prepare for next step.

Step 2: Cut Bottle Into Two Pieces

Take a sharp tool of your choice and slice the bottle in two. How you divide the bottle is up to you. Try experimenting and see what works best. Make sure to leave enough room for your plant, soil, and most importantly the bottle spout.

Step 3: Reassemble and Test the Fit of the Planter

Flip the top half over. Insert the top into the bottom. Consider testing the fit before planting to ensure the two pieces fit properly.

Step 4: Add Drainage Holes and Plant

At this point we need to add holes to the cap for drainage. Alternatively you can remove the lid if a larger drainage hole is desired. The type and size of soil or rock will likely help you determine which solution is best for your planter. After you finish the drainage hole(s) proceed to fill the top portion with your choice of soil, rock, and plant. Great job you made your first up-cycled planter! We would love to see how your planter turned out. Take a photo and share it with us. ;)



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    6 Discussions

    my kids loved doing this on a rainy day! they don't understand why the plants didn't grow immediately though lol

    Are you using soil or flower arranging sponge.


    Muchos gracias camiloegc ;)

    muy creativo ... me gusta!

    Thanks for the warm welcome and the kind words! Happy to hear you like it ;).

    This is an awesome build, an upcycle and a way to add some greenery! Nice job showing each step, and you visuals are so colorful! Welcome to instructables!