A while back BLKHAWK asked for an Instructable for a "Manly Shop Apron" on the Instructables Forums, so that got me to thinking (anyone smell smoke???) about a way to upcycle something I already had here.  My daughter left a pair of bib overalls when she moved to her own place. I wanted to figure out a way to make them into an apron. I figured they'd be great since they already have several cool pockets, as well as that "hammer loop" thingy.

This is what I came up with

Step 1: Step 1 Start With a Plan (and a Pair of Scissors)

FIRST DETERMINE: #1 Do the overalls fit you? IF they do, there will be no need for strings to tie the apron around your waist.
                                   #2 What length do you want the apron to be?
                                   #3 Do you want to use the back pockets?
                                  #4 Do you have a sewing machine, and know how to use it? Can it handle denim?

1. Bib overalls
2. Sharp Scissors
3. Seam Ripper (this is only a couple bucks at the fabric store or Walmart and well worth every penny...get the one with a larger handle if possible)
4. Straight Pins
5. Iron and Ironing board
6. Soap sliver or marking pencil
7. Straight edge (yard stick)

1. Sewing machine and/or Serger
2. Thread (matching or contrasting color)
3. Fusing Tape or Fabric Glue
4. Stop Fray
SO clever!!!
Thank you.....it was fun, and I may actually make some $$$ making these for other people!
This is much better than what I had in mind! Great work! This is a great way to reuse old jeans. Thank you very much for posting this awesome instructable. It deserve to be featured!
Thank you for the feedback.......I probably got a little carried away, for this to truly be "manly", but it was really fun and several people have asked me to make one for them.....this one is for my daughter, to work in her "garden" that her dad built, using an INSTRUCTABLE!

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