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Introduction: UpCycled Jamican Dress

About: I have swam many many lengths in my life as a national swimmer and then went into coaching - lifeguarding you know the drill. When my grandfather died - he left behind a gift - I have been creating and tryi...

This is for my great lifeguard friend who is half Jamican.  She asked if I could make her a recycled dress, and of course with a beautiful muse like this, it was easy.  This is made out of recycled fabric, Jamican colors.  All scraps of material that was going in the garbage.
All glued gunned together, remember I am trying to learn to sew.  Good at the designing, not so good at the patternmaking.  Let me know if you want a tutorial. Easy, easy to do.  Plus orginal,  you won't look like everybody else, perfect



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    do a tutorial that rocks