"Up" Gingerbread House





Introduction: "Up" Gingerbread House

This house is puts a Christmas gingerbread slant on the house from the Disney movie Up.  In this movie he landed at the north pole, instead of in the jungle.  It was all working nice and staying together very well on the table for several hours.  After I movied it several times to take pictures though the whole thing colapsed.  I didn't have a chance to take a picture of it with my username in front of it before it broke apart, so you'll probably notice I took that picture in with my broken up house . . .anyway Merry Christmas ;-). 



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     Our family builds gingerbread houses each year for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Douglas County's charity auction.  I fell in love with Carl's house from the movie UP and decided it was the perfect house to build for the auction this year.  I love the idea you had of using lollipops for the balloons.  I used real balloons on my house, but the rest was all edible.  Sorry to hear your piece started to fall apart looks like you put a lot of time into it.

    You can see photos of my Gingerbread UP House here. 


    Amazing! I like their lollipop idea too. I think cake pops would work too.

     That looks awesome!

    Cool! I love it!

    That last picture is the saddest thing ever.

     Yeah, it was pretty sad.  It was actually pretty loud too.  The lollipops were in styrofoam that was held up by some skewers attached to the plastic the whole house was sitting on.  So they were attached pretty well at the bottom, but they could move a little at the top, so they shifted a little bit, which made the roof start to slide then the whole thing crashed.  I'm going to attempt this again either in the next couple of days or next Christmas, I have some ideas on how to support it better, so it was a learning experience ;-).

    This is my first slideshow, it looks like images aren't showing up, I can see them in the edit view just fine.  Any ideas?

    Post this comment under the "bug" section in the community forums( www.instructables.com/community ) and someone at Instuctables will look into it.  I've noticed a few gingerbread house slideshows have had this problem.