Hi guy's, here's my second K'nex ball lift. I hope you'll enjoy! Feel free to ask questions.. :)

Step 1: Entrance Track

Step 2: Middle Part

Step 3: Motor Part

If you don't want to use a 12v motor you have to modify it by yourself.

Step 4: Motor Part

If you don't want to use a 12v motor you have to modify it by yourself.

Step 5: Finished!

Thanks for building my lift! 
Cool lift! I like how the balls exit the carts.
Seems pretty simple, but very effective and cool! Good job, and I hope to see this lift show up in one of your machines. :D
Haha, thanks.. Uhh sorry but not in my next.. :/
A little jerky, but overall an ingenious design.
Yeah true but thanks! :)
Cool! This is VERY similar to the <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Retrograde-Knex-Ball-Machine-InstructionsNot-My-/step5/Stepper-Lift-System/" rel="nofollow">stepper </a>lift!
Thanks! Yes, but this one slides on rods..
hmmmm, doesn't the stepper lift slide on the grey rods? :-/
Yeah, you're true.. But this one fits in a red-rod construction.. :)
I know it's already been said, but excellent variation on the Stepper Lift! ;-) Much better in my opinion as well, since the Stepper was practically useless for most ball machine builders (who use a red rod standard, as you mentioned). :-D It takes up less room and looks far more interesting in operation...good job!
Thank you so much! :)
Nice lift, reminds me of the stepper lift :)
Thanks.. I know.. ;)
Nice job! It's similar to the stepper lift, but it works less complex i think. Well done!
Thanks! Yeah, the motor part is almost the same.. :)

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Bio: I'm a 17 years old K'nex ball machine builder. I'm from Holland.
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