Up-cycle Painting





Introduction: Up-cycle Painting

This frame is made from an picture-printed-frame that I never quite like. It is hand painted, the pictures are fastened with magnets and I use an old tire around the frame for attaching it to the wall. Let me tell you in more detail what I did!

Step 1: Old Print

Together with one of my young kids I painted this frame black. I left in some of the bruises it had endured. I was lucky, because while some were covered by the paint my kid made new ones!!!

Step 2: 2 Magnets Per Picture

In my case I had printed my pictures in square shape and I used two magnets to fasten the pictures, one in the front and one at the back. Be careful with round magnets, they tend to roll down because of gravity. Better are square ones.

Step 3: Get Creative With the Outcome.

The tire is stretched loosely around the canvas. In my case the tire was about 20 cm smaller than the canvas but the rubber of the tire stretches by the weight. Because of that tire you can easily hang the painting the other way around creating a little shelve for very small objects. Good luck!




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    That's really cute :)