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Introduction: Upcoming Knex Ball Machine

About: I make knex ball machines sometimes. I also enjoy video games, programming (iOS), music.

Hello, and welcome to my first instructable.

Today I'm showcasing my upcoming ball machine. I don't currently have a name for it, maybe you guys can help me out with that. Anyways, the machine will feature one lift, the Double Chain Elevator Lift by dickheijboer. I have just begun on the first of 16 planned tracks, divided by two of Sorunome's infinity switches. (Each one dividing into 8 paths) Any ideas for the machine are welcome, and thanks for reading.



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    wow this is very cool, I don't know if I have enough pieces, but I would really like to see how to make this amazing contraption. :)

    Looks really nice so far! And wow 16 paths...that's alot! :-)

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    Haha yeah. I'm planning on having many paths in order to make up for the lack of multiple lifts.

    Looking sweat so far :)

    Wow, that's a good start! Nice to see my Double Chain Elevator Lift! (Can I ad a picture of yours at the Instructions?) Can't wait to see more, and of course I will followi you :)

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    Of course you can add a picture. Do you want me to get a better picture of just the lift?

    Thank you. It's ok, I've already done it so... Check out my new ball machine:


    That's a cool name, maybe I'll use it.