Upcycle a Leather Belt Into a Dog Collar in 5 Minutes or Less


Introduction: Upcycle a Leather Belt Into a Dog Collar in 5 Minutes or Less

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This is an awesome way to use up broken or old belts that you have in your closet. And yes, you CAN make this collar in five minutes. The most time consuming part of this instructable was trying to get Jersey to stay still for pictures.

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Step 1: Tools and Supplies

You will need; a leather punch, a pair of sharp scissors, an old leather belt ( kid’s belts work best) and an O-ring or D-ring salvaged from an old dog collar. The ring that you choose must be big enough to have the leather belt fit through it easily.

Step 2: Measuring Your Dogs Neck

Put the belt on your dog and fit is as if it were a collar. Measure out another 5 or 6 inches of belt and mark it with a pen.

Step 3: Cutting the Belt

Cut the belt at the mark you have made.

Next, cut the corners off of the belt. This will make it easier to slide it through the buckle.

Step 4: Punching the Holes

To determine what size punch you will need, insert the buckle pin into the punch holes until you find a punch that the pin fits into.

Start punching holes starting at two inches from the bottom of the belt. Punch additional holes at one inch intervals. I just eye balled the center of the belt. If you want to get precise, you can use a ruler and mark off the center.

Step 5: Adding the O-Ring

Slide the O-ring onto the collar and put it on your dog. If you don’t like how much excess belt you have, cut it off until you are happy with it.



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    I'm very glad that i found this,, now, i would be able to make a personalized collar instead of buying those expensive ones.. thank you very much... :)

    I love this I have a weimaraner and this would be a cool way to make him collars that fit