Step 3: Seashell Pendant

Trim the excess off with scissors. Use files and rotary attachments to further shape the piece.

For the jump ring fashion a loop out of the same plastic and super glue it to the back of the pendant. Cotton cord makes for a good necklace.
Is it possible to do these in the oven, like shrinky dinks? Or does it require a heat gun for some reason in particular?
I tried once to see what a cup would do in the oven but it started to stick up the house. So I never found out.
I stunk up my house the same way so I started melting recycled plastics in a toaster oven that I use outside. That took care of the toxic smell.
I've done other &lt;6&gt; plastic in a toaster over after cutting the shape. They will curl, then fatten back out and that's when you want to take them out. I think I was using a temp around 300 and it only took maybe 15 seconds but YMMV. <br> <br>Love the idea of using the cups. Didn't think about being able to retain the color&gt; <br> <br>Great 'ible!
I can't find plastic cups, only paper ones :(
I could be wrong, but wouldn't it be easier to trim it to shape before melting? Like a shrinky dink? This way you wouldn't necessarily need a dremel tool for smoothing
I HAVE TO try this :)
'Be mindful of anything that may melt or burn including yourself' For some reason, that cracks me up. =D
the song Red Solo Cup (all y'all country music fans know what I'm talkin' 'bout) is the first thing that came to mind when i seen this. anyway great instructable as always now i got a use for the fancy hot air blower that came with my torch. who would have thought that you could make jewelry out of a plastic cup ;-)
This is awesome! I had no idea you could make such great-looking things from a plastic cup. Will have to try it ASAP.
Do you know what type of plastic you need? <br>Not all plastic (cups) are made of the same plastics.
This plastic has &quot;6&quot; in the recycling symbol. I think it's polyethylene.
Are these Solo cups or another brand?
This is the Walmart brand but solo cups do the same exact thing.
That is amazing! I never would have guess those pieces of jewelry were made of a plastic cup :)
Simply brilliant!
OMG! <br>You still suprise me :D five stars!
WOW. Yet another creative idea from you... and one I will be sure to try this summer. Thanks so much for sharing. ;-)

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