Introduction: Upcycle Old Scarves and Child Blankie Into a "Woobie"

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I decided to merge my family's long-ago past with my boys' past in this "Woobie" comforting blanket.
I took 5 of my grandfather's woolen scarves and sewed them together lengthwise, with a zigzag stitch. Then, I sewed my boys' well-loved (kid's size) blanket to the "wrong" side of the scarves; print side up, and using a zigzag stitch. Yes, it's not perfect, but it's very soft, comfy, cozy, and WARM physically and emotionally. "Woobie" travels with us still, and my boys are now aged 13 and 15.


l8nite (author)2012-01-09

great idea ! thank you for sharing

SaintSalvage (author)l8nite2012-01-10

You're welcome. It's both sentimental and practical.

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