Upcycle Your Firepit Into a Table





Introduction: Upcycle Your Firepit Into a Table

I made a table using a fire pit stand, and decking material.

Step 1: Supplies

For this project I used some composite decking material and a old fire pit stand, all stuff that I got out of a dumpster. I also used wood screws and four right angle brackets.

Step 2: Table Top

First I cut the decking material to about the size that I need it, then I laid the pieces in to a square. I traced the fire pit stand circle onto the decking material. Using a band saw I cut out the shape of table top, screwed all the pieces together. I used extra pieces of decking material on the bottom of the table top for support.

Step 3: Table Base.

On the fire pit base I drilled four holes in the center/top edge of the legs and bolted on the four right angle brackets.

Step 4: Finishing

After both the stand and the top was finished I bolted on the table top to the stand using the four brackets. I then sanded down the edge of the table until it was smooth. Final touch paint the stand with a new coat of black paint.

This was a nice easy afternoon project that did not cost any money, everything I used, I found out for the trash or was leftover from another project.



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    Great idea! My yard is tiny so I like Wobbler's comment. Thanks!

    This is also a great idea for using with any firepit by making it into a usable table when it's not being used as a firepit. It would also act as a firepit protector when not being used as a firepit.

    Thanks, I will look into it

    This looks great. You should enter it in the Reclaimed Wood contest.