Upcycle a $3 Thrifted Flannel Shirt With Cold Shoulders





Introduction: Upcycle a $3 Thrifted Flannel Shirt With Cold Shoulders

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Make a trendy, cold shoulder top on the cheap with a thrifted flannel shirt. I scored this like-new flannel shirt at the thrift store for only $3. I was inspired to add cold shoulder cutouts after seeing something similar at the mall. This easy refashioning project took less than one hour to make.

Step 1: Mark Cold Shoulder Cutouts

Mark the cold shoulder cutouts with a french curve.

Step 2: Cut Out Shoulder Holes

Detach the collar and cut out the cold shoulder holes.

Step 3: Sew Bias Binding to Shoulder Holes

To finish the shoulder holes, sew bias binding to the front, flip it around and sew it down from the back.

Step 4: Attach Collar

Reattach the collar and sew it closed

Step 5: Enjoy Your Shirt

Wear your shirt and get lots of compliments.

For more refashion ideas and tutorials, visit my blog www.trevorlovesmommy.com



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    What if I don't want the cut to be so far down?

    1 reply

    You can cut out the cold shoulders as low or as high as you'd like. Move up the end of the french curve higher for a smaller cutout

    that is out and out WOW! I'm not a girly female, but that is really the cool part of practical and attractively sexy!

    2 replies

    Thanks! I like how the masculine flannel plays off the feminine shoulders.

    Love the look and the price! And you can't go wrong with it being super simple to accomplish, too! Great job :)

    1 reply