Step 33: Rolling With the Homies

Okay, now I got the clueless reference out of me, we are going to sew a rolled hem for the bottom. To do this, fold the fabric at 5/8 and sew, cut away excess, and tightly roll the edge and sew the fold close.

We're almost there!!!!
<p>Good job. It looks so easy when you do it ! ;-)</p>
<p>Best instructions ever. Can't wait to make this. Do more, please.</p>
More like this please!
Wow! so many steps. <br>Thank you for breaking it down this way. <br>So much easier to follow than a video.
I really like the peter pan collar, it makes it feminine. great job.
Very nice. What a great idea! Cute, too!
You can also use 2 pins as a bias folder thingy: Pin a long pin in the ironing board cover under-over-under so the middle of the pin on top is whatever width bias you want . About an inch away, put another pin in the same way. Fold the end of the bias strip edges-to-the-middle and thread it under the two pins. Pull it slowly through the pins, under the iron. The edges should turn under neatly as you pull. It takes a bit of practice(and a few scorched fingers), but TBH I think this works better than the automagic ones.
I haven't heard of this technique before. Thank you for such a great idea, I'll have to try this next time! Thank you for your comment.
What a great tip! I hadn't heard of this before.
Gah! Meant to say I love this instructable--the top is very cute and the instructions are very clear. I've been sewing for..er....a long time, but I think even a beginner could do this. A great idea for a nightgown for my daughter!
This is a great tutorial! I like how it demonstrates many basic shirt-making techniques.
really cute. could you also just use the existing collar? or use the existing and round it just a bit? really cute<br>
Sorry if you're getting two replies. You can totally use the existing collar but make sure the neckline is not to large for it. I decided to make a peter pan collar since my neckline was larger and I didn't have the time to restyle the collar, it was easier and quicker to do a new one.
I love your technique for a rolled hem! That would have come in so handy for me last week when I had to put a new hem on a premade chiffon dress. <br> <br>Most collar patterns that I have call for an interfacing to help stiffen up the collar. Light to heavy interfacing will give it a more professional look. <br> <br>Very nice job and I appreciate all of the pictures!
Rolled hems are definitely quick and easy and perfect for chiffon. I do it all the time at work. For the collar you can certainly use interfacing, I often recommend it. I happened to have none in the house when I made my tutorial. However, I think the collar ended up fine with out it. Thanks for your comment!
super cute! love it
understated, cute and cool. like it!

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