Upcycle a Wool Sweater Into a Hooded Circle Scarf and Leg Warmers

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The cool thing about wool is that when you put it though the dryer it felts it so that you can cut the sweater without finishing the edges.    I decided to take advantage of this felted sweater and make hooded infinity scarf and leg warmers with this sweater.  I was lucky that this was a cowl neck sweater so I could make the hood out of the cowl neck.  If you have a sweater that you would like to felt (it needs to be wool or cashmere) you can run it through the washer and dryer a few times.  

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Step 1:

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To make leg warmers simply cut the sleeves off.  Because sweater is felted you do not need to finish the edges.  If sweater is not felted then you can finish the seam bias tape or a loose serger.

Step 2:

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Cut the sweater into two equal sections, and then cut the sections into long rectangles by cutting by the left or right seam of the sweater.

Step 3:

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Sew the two long pieces together using a sewing (on zig zag) or hand sew.  This will form a large circle as the scarf.

Step 4:

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To make the hood, cut off the cowl neck and cut piece in half.  Sew the "neck" part of the piece back.  (See image)

Step 5:

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You can finish the inside of the hood with bias tape or leave it raw.  Attach the hood onto the circle scarf by sewing using zig zag stitch or hand sew.

Step 6:

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kreator4 months ago

Great project! i wanna make hooded scarf for guys

Sooo cool!!!!
I love this! It all looks so soft and comfy!