Picture of Upcycle aquarium stand or coffee table
This is a unique aquarium stand made using old wood from my neighbors deck. Can be tweeked to make coffee table or nightstand with plenty of kitty storage. In a few weeks I am planning for a much bigger fishtank and my old stand is worn out and to small so when my neighbor started puting in a new deck i knew it was time for operation upcycle.
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Step 1: Materials needed

Picture of materials needed
- handsaw or miter saw
- corded drill
- power sander
- Dremel (optional)
- Prybar
- Hammer

- (6) 2x6 measured to 19''
- (4) 4x4 measured to 14.5"
- (1) 2x4 measured to 33"
- (1) 2x4 measured to 25"
- a bag of 3" deck screws
- (2) 2x6 measured to 15"

The cost of this project was around 4$ for the deck screws all the wood was free.

Step 2: Remove hardware

Picture of remove hardware
With the help of my trusty kitty Odie remove all nails and hardware it helps to use a prybar and lots of patience. Discard any wood with signes of water damage or rot in some cases you can can just cut the rotten parts off.

Step 3: Assembly

Picture of assembly
image (2).jpeg
Once all youre pieces are cut, lign up all youre 19" 2x6 planks face down and screw youre 2x4 pieces to the bottom. making sure you put the scews through the 2x4 to give a nicer finish. Now you can start the fun task of sanding!!!

Step 4: Sanding

Picture of sanding
Sand everything!! and when you think youre done sanding, sand some more because after years of abuse as a deck you want a nice finish. i started with a 60 coarse sandpaper all the way to 150 fine.

Step 5: Attaching the legs

Picture of attaching the legs
image (9).jpeg
Now you attach the legs. I set mine back a few inches so they would cary the load right under the fishtank better. i also added a base to the legs for more stability and height. Now you can finish sanding and add some design if you want.
pudtiny2 years ago
Impressive carving. Not sure I would sand decking indoors as it probably been treated for exterior work with some sort of insecticidal and Fungicidal preservative.
kristy0070 (author)  pudtiny2 years ago
We asked its just untreated wood and the shop vac was runnin most of the time
kristy0070 (author)  pudtiny2 years ago
We asked its just untreated wood and the shop vac was runnin most of the time
Bongmaster2 years ago
actually its a cat stand x3
kristy0070 (author) 2 years ago
we call it cat TV thats why we got the fish in the first place