About a month ago, a friend of mine got married. I was to be a bridesmaid so I saved up all my money to be able to pay for the expenses this meant (dress, present, purse, trip...)... but uh-oh! I ran out of cash before I could get a fashionable pair of shoes. All I had left were about 30 pesos and a candle... so I decided to upgrade an old pair of sandas I had into amazing party shoes. This is my first instructable, so hope you find it useful!

Sorry if the pictures are a little blurry and a little dark, since this is my first instructable I took the photos with my cellphone and didn't realize my light sucked. Hope it can be seen though!

Step 1: Materials!

What you'll need:

- A pair of shoes or sandas you want to upgrade (I used some plain silver sandals I bought for my sister's grad party. They're pretty boring, thus I never used them.)
- Fabric of your choice (since my dress was purple, I chose some purple and lilac ribbon, 6cm wide and 1 meter long. Make sure you don't have too little fabric or you'll run out of material!)
- Beads (I chose pearls because the combination was awesome, and also cheap! a 10 peso bracelet  got me 20 pearls so it was great)
- Fleece or felt (it doesn't have to be much, we just need it for the back of our flowers and to make sure the sewing doesn't hurt your feet)
- Nylon thread, not too thick
- Regular thread, the colour of our fabric
- Needle
- Silicone (can be liquid or hot, doesn't matter)
- A lighter or candle (to avoid fabric unraveling)
- A circular object (can be a lid or a button) to trace circles
- Chalk or a pencil
- Scissors
- And good light!
Very pretty!!

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