It's amazing what you can create with found materials and a little imagination. The world is already so full of interestingly shaped man-made objects, sometimes you only have to look in the trash to find the exact do-dads and thingamajigs you need to make something awesome. This Ant Man helmet is literally made out of stuff that was lying around my studio, strategically painted, glued and duct taped together. It's not a very hard project, and you don't need any fancy tools to make it.

Not long after seeing Ant Man over the summer, I found a video online about how to create an Ant Man helmet at home. I thought it looked like a fun challenge and I wanted to try making my own version. I've always liked taking recycled objects and trying to reimagine them into an elevated an unrecognizable form. There is something very satisfying and magical about this transformation, it makes you think about the objects around you in a new way, and it's a fun treasure hunt to find what you need.

There is no one way to make this project, and a lot of objects will work for the various parts of the helmet. I'll show you what materials I used and suggest some others that I think might be good options. No matter what, the Ant Man helmet you create will be unique to you, because all superheroes should have a hand in writing their own origin story.

Step 1: Supplies and Tools

Material Suggestions (my choices in bold)

The most fun thing about this project is finding innovative ways to re-use ordinary objects to create the shapes in the helmet. Below are some suggestions of things that I think will work well, but you can your imagination, look at the different parts of the helmet, and think of what else has a similar shape.

Mouth Piece:

  • the front of a respirator without the filters
  • the top area and lid of a large bottle like a gallon water/milk jug, bleach container, Arizona iced tea gallon etc.

Side Hinges:

  • plastic protractors
  • salad tongs

Connector Piece Between Side Hinges and Mouth:

  • window suction cups
  • parts from a "braided" plastic headband
  • concave bottom of plastic drink bottles
  • rubber cups for the bottom of chair legs

Ear Pieces:

  • small plastic plates - for the inner ear
  • round lids or bottoms of tupperware or plastic bowls or plastic containers - for the inner ear
  • bottoms of red solo cups - for the outer ear
  • bottoms of small tupperware or plastic bowls - for the outer ear
  • headphones or shop ear protection - for the outer ear
  • ashtrays or small shallow plate/bowls - these can function as both the inner and outer ear


  • large zip ties
  • bolts
  • pipe clamps
  • long drywall anchors

Face Mask:

  • gallon water/milk jug
  • plastic face guard
  • part of a plain plastic Halloween mask


  • sunglasses with a red tint
  • safety glasses + red sharpie
  • red film like a red tinted plastic folder

Top Head Slats:

  • plastic water/milk jug + duct tape or spray paint
  • cardboard + duct tape or spray paint
  • large disposable aluminum serving dishes

Back of Head:

  • plastic water/milk jug + spray paint
  • cardboard + duct tape

Back of Head Mesh:

  • plastic tubing
  • cut shapes out of the plastic water bottle piece
  • wire
  • mesh like a fly swatter or a strawberry basket

Base of Helmet:

  • cap part of a baseball cap or other hat
  • small helmet
  • build your own base out of cardboard or fabric

Additional Supplies

  • photos of the helmet from all angles for reference
  • silver duct tape
  • red and black duct tape or electrical tape
  • silver, and black spray paint
  • glue - hot glue, and super glue are good choices
  • small and large zip ties
  • red leds, like floralights, or small rear bike lights
  • silver colored quick set rivets
  • chicago screws or small nuts and bolts


  • exacto knife
  • scissors that will cut through tough materials (like these Olfa shears)
  • hot glue gun
  • hole punch and nails
  • hammer and a hard surface
  • wire cutters
  • plyers
  • red and black sharpies
  • pencil and paper
  • ruler
  • mannequin head - optional
<p>I'm gonna make this for my mom. She loves antman</p>
<p>holy cow this is cool!</p>
<p>I know what I'm building for the grandson!!!!! Okay it's for me for the next Steam Punk outing. Great instructable have you got any more, also like the upcycling of discarded trash.</p>
<p>Creativity and ingenuity at its finest. Well done!</p>
<p>Amazing work. Better get some materials while there is still time for Halloween. Thank you.</p>
<p>Nice Work</p>
<p>You are an artist!</p>
Super Awesome. I love how well the plastic bottles worked for this.
Fantastic job...liked!

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